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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Can't think of a title!

So there is not title because I can't think of one. And I think you are suppose to fill the space with something... so I did! Woo ha!

Before I really get started, a special thought and prayer goes out to those on the Pacific side of Mexico who are having to deal with hurricane blasts. I feel for you, I know what it's like and I really really hope it isn't bad. I'm sending my special voodoo energy to blow that mess back out to sea. Way out hasta la casa del diablo!

So I've purchased a couple of candles that I can burn at work. They will probably only last two days but they smell good and apparently they are working well cuz the phones aren't ringing that much. Sometimes its just a good idea to burn a candle or incense to ward off the negative energy and bring in the good. If you haven't tried it, you might want to. It does a bad energy good.

I finally got my car back and so far so good. Still annoyed at the money I had to drop on it but I guess in the long run and when I sell it it will be beneficial when I pull out the bills for the new parts and service and say hey, I put a lot into this car so no deals for you sucker! The bf was so kind to buy me hub cabs (yeahhh my pimpin rims!) as mine were stollen like last year or something. They really make my car look a million times better and with it running properly, I feel like I'm not driving a piece of crap around anymore. Though, it doesn't compare to the bf's nice shiny new Escalade, but who am I to complain? I know that in good time he will smash it, scratch it, drive it through a lake or someone will do something vindictive and screw it up and he will be dropping a ton of coin on it to fix it....not to mention all the stress that goes with it. But don't tell him I said that. Cuz I already told him and it went in one ear and out the other. He still doesnt understand that the reason he's had so many issues with his Mercedes is because Karma is a real big bitch and a half and doesn't stop until you learn your damn lesson. He may have his new fancy truck but come on now....the Mercede issue still has not gone away. But you know, god forbid you mention Karma and negative energy because then you sound like some sort of voodoo witch or something!

Is it my fault that I see ghosts or feel things or just know things sometimes. It's not my fault I swear (not the F word or the Shit word but swear like on my pinky finger). I'm still trying to understand why a month after my grandma's funeral the roses we put on her grave looked the same as the day we left them there. I'm still trying to figure out why I have such great angels around me. Do you know how many times I've had some very close calls? Probably not but enough to make you wonder.

So what ever happened to that Janie? Did she read her reading? Was I way off? Did I scare her away?

Lets pull a oner just for fun!


Love declared.
An offer of marriage. Satisfying love, either platonic or sexual. A very close friendship acknowledged. Balance, unity and happy compromise. Deep mutual understanding and intuition.

Jajajajajja. Well that card wasn't for me thats for sure. If its for you, let me know!

I was sick yesterday if any of you care. Cold sweats and headaches. Was odd. I only liked being in bed really. It came quite quickly and went quite quickly. Damn Mexican funny bugs. They are to blame for everything!

Ok. I'm outty. Don't forget my koolaid and I hope your dragon tattoo puts you in more of a non-scary mood! You know who you are!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tarot Card Reading for Janie!!!

Ok Janie. Here it goes. I hope I do well because I have had a busy day and have also found out that it is going to cost me another arm and a leg to fix my car. Fun stuff!!! We will go about this like I usually do with my interpretation first and then the book meanings, as well as pulling a "oner" for overall stuff.

Here we go with my reading:

Past - Six of Cups: This picture shows a young child and a woman in the garden spending time together. It is a beautiful day and it seems that whatever relationship this woman (that would be you!) has with this child is golden. They are both reaping what they sew and have a close bond. You have been enjoying your time with whomever this young child is and your past in this aspect has been pleasant because of your relationship with the youngin. Stay close and continue with this as it brings you peace and happiness.

Present - Five of Swords: Have you been working hard lately? It seems that you are managing to juggle whatever is thrown your way but you do so and feel exhausted by it. Those around you that have been thrown the same sorts of dilemmas haven't been able to keep up with you in the same way. If you have a dog or a hubby (same thing isn't it? LOL!) they stand by you with the strength that you need to carry on. This is only temporary (although it could happen again) so keep on with what you are doing. You know you have to get things done and you know it won't last forever.

Future - Knight of Coins: This is a rather noble card. You sit high on your horse and surprise surprise your faithful friend is with you once again. YOU LUCKY LADY! Whomever it is that is your backbone, (husband or dog) he is surely doing you well. It appears that in your near future, you have gotten over that busy tiring time (as discussed about with the Five of Swords in your present situation). You don't appear to have any monetary difficulties coming up and you know this, can relax a little and look forward to more pleasant times. By the way, kudos to you for not being appears that you want others around you to be happy and are giving and kind and not just with pretty frills and ruffles. You offer support and kindess which is why you are so well respected by those around you.

Ok now to pull the "oner". I've pulled the Eight of Wands for you. This picture depicts 8 wands flying through the air. If you travel often, it is surely clear with this card and is a sign of upcoming travel. You lucky bum! Enjoy but make sure you plan things accordingly.

Well lets take a look at the book reading. It's always interesting to see if I came close to the book reading or if the book reading adds something to my reading:

Past - Six of Cups: Remembrance of childhood joys. Innocence and faithful acceptance. Unquestioning and unconditional love. A yearning for simpler times and less responsibility. But beware of nostalgia - you cannot return to the past.

Present - Five of Swords: An unfair victory is as hollow as defeat. A failure or win against an unmatched opponent has left you demoralised. Trickery, manipulation and unfair tactics have been used either against or by you, but you must accept the outcome and move on.

Future - Knight of Coins: A slow, plodding but reliable man (woman in your case!). Someone who will stick with a project no matter how long it takes to complete it. Responsible, reliable and pragmatic. He is honourable and reliable, and keen to assist. Travel is likely.

And now....for the "oner", the Eight of Wands: Travel, a speedy journey.
Ideas swiftly made reality. Messages, news. This is a time for action, but take care - hasty decisions may be regretted.

There you go my dear. As per usual, let me know if the cards spoke to you in any way.

By the shuffle the cards funny!

~La Bruja!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rationalizing with the Irrational

So for all those experts out there, how do you rationalize with someone who is being completely irrational?

So far....I've learned that you can:

1) Argue with the person being irrational.
3) Agree with them.
7) Ignore them.

(I know my numbers don't go 1, 2, 3 like they should, but I'm trying to crawl into the mind of an irrational person. Work with me here.)

So far....I've found that their responses are as follows:

6) Become more irrational and crazy.
6) Become more irrational and crazy.
6) Become more irrational and crazy.

I think that in the end no one wins this battle. But who am I to say? Because usually I'm on the end of the rational person, or ..... somewhat rational or trying to be rational or I think I'm being rational.

All of you irrational people,.....can you tell me, are you happy when the other person does any of the above in numbers 1, 3 and 7? I'd really like to know, because arguing with an irrational person has gotten me nowhere. Agreeing with to ignore them....nowhere.

Wouldn't one put two and two together to realize hey....this is stupid and causing everyone involved wrinkles and grey hair. Whats the point?

But nooooo you ARE ALWAYS RIGHT DAMMIT! No I'm right! You know what! I'm just going to ignore you!

I love role playing....


I had an interesting week and if my veins are flowing with negative energy it's best that I stay away from the cards as my feelings may change the reading.

It is coming.....I promise.

I am having issues with my car again and it's at the dealership. Now I know why my dad told me never to buy a used car!

Ok. This is a short one. Just wanted to let that Janie know that its on is way. Some things just can't be rushed!!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tarot Card Reading for SS

SS, I'm sure you have a name. But you are SS to me. :) I believe you kind of indirectly asked for a reading so I am going to go ahead and give you one.

Just for reference sake, as I was shuffling the cards for you, you had a jumper. It was the Two of Swords:

My interpretation of this card is that you are in self protection mode and not entirely relaxed with life around you. You are a bit guarded and weary yet willing to protect what is true to you....which is mostly you and who you are as a person. You are important to you and altho you are unsure of the outcome, you know that you will find stability even tho it may seem impossible at times.

The Book Interpretation is as follows: A balancing act. Compromise - sometimes hard choices must be made, and indecision will only aggravate the situation. Choose the lesser of two evils, and work to minimise any damage that may be done. You have the ability to make the best of a bad situation.This card can also mean meeting a worthy adversary who will challenge you. Friendship may result once initial conflicts have been resolved.

Ok. I'm going to pull your cards now. As per previous, I will do my interpretation first and then the book reading. I must say your cards are very cool....


Past - Three of Cups: Your past holds a general happiness for you and friends and family around you. You have been celebrating a friendship or event in the family and this has brought you calm and contentment. Friendship has been extremely important for you and those who have passed the friends test are kept close to your heart.

Present - Page of Coins: Your spirituality is important right now and if you aren't looking towards your inner self, you are certainly praying to the gods (figure of speach, you could be praying to the doesn't matter when spirituality can come from nothing). Do not feel alone because your angel is with you. You only need to focus on them and call upon them when need be. The answers are there, whether it be with regard to money, book wisdom or the support of a pet or passing squirrel. You'd like to feel insecure with spirituality but come on! This card clearly shows that you are on the right track and know how to call upon your inner self, your angels and spirits.... and if all else can simply stick with the facts or get some support from that bird that chirps by your window in the morning.

Future - Queen of Wands: It looks like all of that inner spirituality is doing you some good because if you weren't sure that you were in control of your well being before, you sure are in your future! This card is extremely gorgeous and shows a woman who is Queen of her self and shows it boldly. You are on the right path my dear so keep on sistah! Those angels and spirits around you will grow in numbers and what you didn't think you could accomplish, you have and will. If you thought you'd win the lottery, that's not what I'm talking about in the slightest. What I do mean is that if you want your friends and those around you to respect you, they certainly will because if they don't they will simply be sent to hell (hasta la chingada) (I'm joking about the last part!). Hang on to your heart and your spirituality because you shall become pure magic.

I'm not going to pull a oner because you had a jumper which is pretty much the same thing. That is above with my interpretation and the book interpretation.

Here are the book meanings:

Past - Three of Cups: Celebration of good fortune. Friendship, revelry and abundance. The fulfillment of hopes. Creativity and understanding. Recovery from ill health or a period of bad fortune.

Present - Page of Coins: A studious youth. Scholarship, study and academia. Hard work will bring high achievement. A messenger is expected, who will bring good news.

Future - Queen of Wands: A strong, sensual woman. Knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to go for it - but she'd never step on anyone along the way. Passionate and creative. Down to earth, pragmatic and generous.

Ok chica! There it is! Before I go tho...please stop doubting yourself and your abilities. It is all within you and you know it. Your happiness is not reliant on others because your inner power is out of this world.

~La Bruja

Message from Mom & JOHN!

Firstly, John, if you must bitch about me bitching about all the washer dryer talk thats been going on around here, it is probably because you don't understand the importance of it all. Which clearly means you don't do your own laundry! So silence to you you mere mortal!

So I asked the mother unit if she had caught up on my blog. So she caught herself up and had this to say:

thanks for blaming me for your toothpaste and lint problems

That just cracks me up!

(It is your fault lady. So just deal with it!)

Monday, August 21, 2006

New Format!

Ok I changed the format. I figured the other one was drab. What do we think about this one?

I forgot to mention my neighbour. He introduced me to his "girlfriend" who flew back home to Columbia or something about 3 weeks ago.

Anyhow, in passing he kept mentioning a "friend" from Canada. And where is it I was from in Canada and blah blah. No offense, but my life isn't better or worse because you have a "friend" from Canada. So it doesn't matter. She could be from India and I actually would probably find it more exciting.

So anyhow. Last night I rushed out of the apartment and was in a bit of a bad mood and they were coming in. I think he was kinda shocked and embarrassed that I am now seeing him with this other woman. I just wanted to say hi and get the F^&* out of there but he apparently had to let me know that this was the Canadian woman he was talking about.

I was like yeah yeah ok nice to meet you. I tried to be polite and just wanted to exit but she like wanted to get to know me. Again, I was annoyed, I was dressed super casual and she was all dolled up with her perfume and jewlery and I just couldn't be bothered. She announced that she just got back from a trip to Canada and I'm like .... yeah well good for you? I don't know this chick and I don't really care. And she was all asking me how long I've been here and how do I like it. She apparently lives in Playa and my guess is that she hasn't been here that long. I hate the question, "How do you like living here?". I mean, for one, in this instance, I am like LEAVING TO GO SOMEWHERE and frankly the answer is not so short. I guess she wanted to be my friend cuz she's Canadian, but get this, that doesn't make us instant amigas alright? Which like I said, leads me to believe she hasn't been here long. Because when I first moved here, I was all about being overly friendly and nice to people. Now I'm over it.

Anyhow, the whole situation was just odd to me. Maybe I'm just being a total bitch about it but dang. Good for you neighbour. Good for you that your screwing someone else and that you are most likely cheating on your girlfriend and good for you that this new chick is all so super excited to meet me and be there with you.

Like I said. It was odd, and if I'm literally running out .... it means I have somewhere to go and don't want to chit chat with people I don't know.

Over and out!

Las Cosas de la Vida!

So before I even begin, let me first say that John John OWES me a comment. Since I am trying to enhance my bruja skills and all, and he is a test subject, I require the test subject to let me know how the reading went, and if possible, go into a couple of details here and there. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get pretty good at this and I will have so many darn requests that I won't know what to do with myself!

As it stands now, I have made it a pact to do a reading for SS, Janie and they have either directly or indirectly requested I do one for them. They will only be 3 card readings with the "oner". I do have a full time job, go to they gym, take care of my 3 little pets and have little free time (except for this stupid weekend) so its often hard to fit in this blog let alone readings. However, I do enjoy doing the readings and I do enjoy the reactions. Not to mention, like I said, I have to exercise the bruja skills as they won't just exercise themselves.

Dumb me forgot the cards at home which pretty much means that no readings were meant to be for this morning anyways.

So yeah. I was so looking forward to the weekend but I must say that I am glad it has passed. It was probably the most boring, unmotivationally depressing weekend in a while. I don't know what my problem was. The washer/dryer did get hooked up by the BF. If he knew he could do it, I wish he would have saved me the grief of calling several companies and having them poop out on me. What is it with men and house chores? Jeesh. So anyways, dumb me, I was so concerned about the water and gas hookup that I forgot that the damn thing drains water and that the connection for that is not long enough. So I had the water drain into buckets which really is not that bad except if you like walk away and completely forget about it.

I ended up washing the floors even tho it wasn't part of my master plan.

I forgot to's obvious the BF was trying to avoid doing the hookup for me, but when he finished it and everything was working, he surely was super proud of himself.

I also went to Chedraui and folks, thats about it! Boring boring boring. Slept on Sunday for a few hours. Not much else. There is plenty I could have worked on with regard to the computer and stuff like that but alas, I preferred to search for point and click games, chat and check stats on this and that. NO MOTIVATION.

Glad the weekend is over. Never thought I'd say that. But I felt like that near the end of my vacation and I kind of like having a schedule and an every day program. When it's thrown out of wack I get cranky and annoyed.

Ok. Laters!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Card Reading for John John

Just for the record....I don't know John. I've never met John. Apparently he works with my amiga whom I just did a card reading for. Apparently I must have done a good job because not only does John want me to do his reading, but somehow my reading affected that Joycee in some sort of way.

I have already shuffled the cards for that John. I don't know why, but when I do a reading for someone else and I have to do the shuffling, I find my self shuffling more than I would for say myself. I do so until I think that the person sends me a sort of signal to stop at a certain point. For some reason John did not just want me to do the fan shuffle and leave it at that with the end card at the end on the top of the deck. He wanted me to take the top few and stick them in the middle. So I did that. Don't think he likes being on top or something. JAJAJAJAJA.

Ok. So then lets get started. We will do the same yesterday. I will give my interpretation and then you can (STOP SMOKING BECKY PLEASE!!!!) see what the book interpretation is. Ok here we go:

Note to self: Cards did not want to fan out but did have distinct separators. Not sure I like the 3rd card but we shall go ahead.


The first two cards are from the Major Arcana which leads me to believe that your past and your present have been and will significant factors in your life.

Past - The Sun: This card shows a young child on a horse wo appears blisful, content and happy as the sun shines. It is a card of a sort of inncence and peacefulness. Your recent past has been rather happy. You do however in this past time frame, wonder how long it will last as you ponder the future.

Present - Wheel of Fortune: Presently, things continue to the same sort of sentiment as the past.....however they aren't as innocent and not only focus on family bliss, but also the bliss of material things. This makes you happy but you aren't quite sure what you should do with all this "goodness". You'd like to take it to the max but I say, be careful about your choices. If you try to grasp too much gold at once you could find yourself with nothing. You could spin the wheel, and it could land where you don't want it to. If you have pets, pay more attention to them, and if you don't already, you might want to think about getting one, even if its a bird or gerbil. Pass on the fish.

Future - Nine of Swords: I didn't like this card and I don't know how to quite interpret it since it is drastically different from your past and present reading. I did warn you about the choices you are making presently and to be careful about them. I urge you again to do that. Because if not, you may find yourself depressed, without sleep, and with external factors making things worse for you.
Ok I'm going to pull a oner for you now which will be a generalization of things. Since I didn't like that last card, because lets face it, who wants to tell someone to watch their ass or negative shit will happen? So hopefully the oner will help smooth shit out.

Oner - King of Cups: YOU THINK YOUR SPECIAL DON'T YOU? Standing there looking all pretty with your oh so intricate garb, your golden cup, standing ashore viewing your peons and ships in the distance. YOU THINK YOUR PRETTY SPECIAL. Now make sure you are around for when "she" needs a spider removed from her office. Please remember to water her plants. Anyways, I figure that over all things will work out and you will be sitting pretty so don't fret too much. But just be careful. So if you are thinking of scamming someone, or not doing that good deed, or cheating or beating someone up. Think twice. Karma is a bitch.

Here are the book answers. Thank god. It sucks reading for someone you don't know. I think I flopped. I'm sure you'll let me know tho...

Past - The Sun: Make hay while the Sun shines.
This is a period of material and spiritual prosperity - make the most of it. Fruitfulness and bounty can be yours, but take care to keep stock for less fortunate times.

Present - Wheel of Fortune: What you lose on the swing you'll gain on the roundabout.
Life will always send us challenges and trials to overcome - you cannot have good without bad, or light without darkness. Do not dwell on misfortune, but look instead to future joys. The opportunity will arise for a fresh start, or the beginning of a new path or venture.

Future - Nine of Swords: Doubt, frustration and powerlessness.
There's no denying it - this card is bleak. Troubles and worries are weighing you down. Depression and pain are pulling you in a downward spiral. Illness or injury to someone close to you - frustration that there is nothing you can do to help. Things may get worse before they improve, but take care to keep perspective. There are always others who are worse off than yourself, and wallowing in self-pity won't help the situation. Possibly an association with a priest.
Oner - King of Cups: You think your pretty special don't you?
A warm, loving man who will give good counsel.
Intuitive, creative and gentle. This man does not need to portray a macho image as he is totally comfortable with both his masculine and feminine sides. He is enigmatic, with subtle strength - a quiet achiever. Spiritual satisfaction is more important to him than material success. He may also be a mediator, or a benevolent leader. This card represents the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Ok so after reading the book meanings, I'm begining to thing that I merged the sun and wheel of fortune together. Thats ok tho.

Well. I am done. Tell me how wrong I am.

~The Bruja!

(Who may no longer be a bruja after this)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Golden Tarot Card Reading

Since I have been requested to pull some cards for una amiga. I shall do so. And I shall do so here. This time, I am going to do what I'm suppose to do which is to try and interpret the cards myself by the way they make me feel and the images that jump out at me. Then we will put down the real meanings and which will prove that I'm a fake. :) Actually I am not a self proclaimed voodoo mama and I'm not accepting money, so if thats what you can take that and ^&(*)*%$* to the )*(&^&%()*^ of another brothers mother!

Ok. Cards shuffled. I'm going to talk to them now. So wait.

Ok. So this is what I pulled:

Past: Ten of Cups
Present: Ten of Wands
Future: Queen of Wands

Before I give my interpretation, first I want to say that there is a signifcance with the number 10. Which could mean something along the lines of: The tenth month, tenth day, or tenth hour, something significant shall happen. I am getting the feeling that this will be the 10th month as previously I had sensed that something would happen for this person before the end of the year. It looks like that will probably not happen but I don't know, the tens showed themself.

Ok. Here is what the cards look like:

Ok. So before I give my interpretation. I am totally annoyed by the first card but I think I get it now.

My interpretation of the past - TEN OF CUPS: This is your past. It could be rather recent or something that stems way into your past. I do however believe that with this reading, it is rather recent. My guess is that for some reason your family connections have been better. Everyone has been getting along and more appreciative of the other. Though you are not living together per se, you are definitely more close knit that previously and that this somehow has been beneficial to the way you feel and think about things.

My interpretation of the present - TEN OF WANDS: While being somewhat comfortable where you are and with what you are doing now your mind is somewhere else. You can see the fruits of your labor but never-the-less, it's still a chore. In the distance, across the water is a whole nother world, and even tho things on your side appear to be flowing nicely, that whole "the grass is greener on the otherside" still lingers on. There are benefits to both but ultimately you will always miss one side or the other no matter what side your on.

My interpretation of the future - QUEEN OF SWORDS: You are noble and someone people look up to for your strength and convictions. You hold a sense of personal power yet in a way in which people respect and admire. You find yourself in a position that makes you feel in control of yourself and there is a sense of calm within you and those around you.

I'm going to give you a oner now for generality:

My interpretation of the DEVIL card: YOU ARE THE DEVIL!

Now this is what the actual interpretations are:

Past - Ten of Cups: Total harmony achieved, familial bliss.
Celebration, peace and plenty. Contentment and domestic joy.

Present - Ten of Wands: Carrying a heavy load.
Take care not to take on more than you can handle. Spreading yourself too thin could lead to an emotional and spiritual low.

Future - Queen of Swords: A strong, independent woman.
A logical, calculating woman. Determined and ruthless in pursuit of her goals. She knows what she wants, and will do whatever is necessary to get it. Goal-oriented. Perceptive, intelligent and extremely quick-witted. Perhaps a woman with private griefs, a widow, one who has suffered losses. This card represents the zodiac sign of Virgo.

And the meaning of the Devil card: YOU ARE THE DEVIL!

Seriously tho. It means: YOU ARE THE DEVIL!

Time to confront your demons.
Hell is our own creation. We cannot move forward in our lives without facing that which torments us. The more we understand and face our fears, the less power they have over us. Fear of failure may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. Look back at all that you have weathered in the past to see that you have the strength to survive if things go wrong. This may help you to realise that it is worth taking risks in order to do what you think is right. This is a card of temptation and perhaps addiction. Depending upon where it appears in a spread, it could indicate a need for the subject to question their own motives. Are they following a path deliberately that could be destructive?

You know, thats not the first time I've pulled that card for you. Interesting....

So let me know how I did verus the book meanings k?


Love from the Bruja

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My laptop might blow up!

So I totally forgot to tell you with all my car bullshit going on that my laptop might blow. Yeah it's one of those ones from Dell where the battery could catch on fire and god forbid you fart at the same time, there might be a serious explosion!

So anyways, I filled out the online form and we'll see if they send the battery to Mexico, even tho it was purchased in Canada.

Ok I just got the final total for my car. Lets just say I'm not super freakin happy about it. In fact I am feeling kind of shitty about it. Oh well.

I suppose I should stop bitching about money. But I just bought a washer dryer thats not even installed, I have to pay for my car, I just paid rent and now my gym membership is due. ANYTHING ELSE?


Ok change of subject.

I have just recently gotten in contact with a cousin of mine through messenger which is totally cool. So if you are reading Mark, nice to have you on board! But if you are about to read the following paragraph, sorry man. You'll either think its funny, or that I'm just disgusting. Either way, this is my blog so too bad. LOL!

They need to do something about the toilet for our offices because frankly, the spinning around thing without going isn't working so well. I have better things to do with my time than stand in the bathroom for a half hour while the toilet fills and then all it does is mix stuff up. So basically I am writing this because I was one of those people who had to leave poop in the toilet. So I did. And I'm sure everyone knows it was me. And everyone in my office knows cuz I had to announce it. Anyways. It was good poop but it would have been nice if it went down the damn drain! Argh!

(sorry if that grossed you out. but if you don't fart or poop or pee, then there is sumpin wrong whichya)

I think I need to pull some cards. So you wait just a few minutes there ok while I pull and read.

Past: Eight of Coins -
Present: The Hanged Man - (no shit!)
Future: Two of Coins - (hmm. not much of a change)
I'm going to do a oner now just for fun:
In case you didn't know already, I am a bruja. I have a beautiful deck of tarot cards called Golden Tarot which can be found on the links above. I got mine from Amazon and a good friend brought them down for me. I was super excited to open them up because they are very royal and the pictures.....I see them in 3D! No shitting. Anyhow from time to time its fun to do a simple spread, look up the meanings, get friends to pull and all that. I still have lots to learn really but its fun. It's a distractions from reality.
If you want me to do a virtual reading for you I certainly will. Just let me know!
OK. I'm outty.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Car Woes Continue

So it appears the whole car thing has turned out to be bigger than I wanted it to be and I have to drop some major coin on it which is totally a sucky f'n deal if you ask me. The only good news is that my car will be working better and that the bf gave me some funds to help me pay for it. I mean I have the money but then I won't have much after. So rather than having him sit there and listen to me bitch about it, he helps out so that I am forced to shut up. Because i have that bitching nagging problem and I can just go on and on and on and on and work myself up about it. I think I learned that from my mother. Thanks mom! (Also thanks to mom, I must make sure that the toothpaste tube is not all mushed in the middle. Must be neatly squeezed to one end and if you want, you can put a clip on it after you roll it all up nice. Now, never fear. That piece of lint on your shoulder is guaranteed to disappear if I am around, or mom, or my brother for that matter. Oh and don't forget, your eyebrow hairs must be lined up all nicely. But if they aren't, I will lick my finger and fix that for you too. THANKS FOR MAKING ME NEUROTIC!)

I was just bitching to my mom today about the fact that it seems like I'm not getting anywhere because I keep putting money into my RRSP's. She says I will be thankful later in life that I did that and I think she is right to a point. Wouldn't it be nice to have that money to buy a house versus paying rent? And then once I own the house or apartment or garage or palapa hut, I could save for my retirement. I don't know. Maybe I have this all wrong. Or is it alright? Maybe I should have bought a lease....hmmmmm?

It also doesn't help that when I go to Vancouver I drop some major coin. I mean the flight is bad enough but what is worse is my super duper shopping spree. I mean you'd think I'm rich. If I can spend $450 at Walmart on my first day of shopping, you can tell I have some sort of a problem. But the truth of the matter is, I don't really go shopping the entire rest of the year. I'll buy some things here and there. But because I make the assumption that you can't buy anything here, it solves the "ooooohhhh i want that" issue because.... if I assume that you can't buy anything here, why the hell would I waste my time out looking?

I suppose I save some money because I don't smoke, only drink when I go out, and I also don't like nor buy coffee. But I do go to the gym and have 3 animals that I have to take care of. So maybe I'm not really coming out ahead.

You know I actually looked up on the internet if it was a big deal that my dog ate the cat food. Because he is super skinny and is not interested in his own damn food so he eats the cat food. So if he is eating some cat food, I can get a little sleep at night you know? So anyways, they say dog food is for dogs and cat food is for cats, but whats really bad is if your cats eat the dogfood and not their own food ever. Since I give Diesel other crap in addition to the cat food, I think he might be alright. I can't spend a million dollars trying all the different types of dog food that I KNOW he has no interest in. So cat food it is for now my friends. And just so you know, I am an owner rebel, and the cats sometimes have a little dog food here and there. But they eat their cat food regularly and steal Diesels chewy food sometimes. Am I bad mama or a good one since I had the stupidity to write about it in this blog?

I made a salad today for lunch and actually forgot to put in some sort of protein. What a dope I am. Finished the salad before I was like, um.... did I miss something?

The washer/dryer was delivered and I gave the tip and beers like I promised. I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear if I actually did offer them beer! This is Mexico! Of course I did!

So I have to go to the ferreteria (no you don't go there for ferrits) to get a longer connection for the hot and cold water. Then I have to get the gas hook-up taken care of. Pray tell when I will do that since I have car issues and must hit the gym? Oh busy girl busy girl, why are you busy.... (I was actually singing the smelly cat song when I typed that).

Ok. I've rambled enough. But this time.... I remembered to say


Monday, August 14, 2006

I didn't say goodbye!!!

I didn't say goodbye in my last post. I just kind of started talking and stopped.

So sorry about that. So I'm making up for it right now by posting double in one day.

Yeah Double!

So I guess thats about it. Winding down now. Going to say adios. Take care yadda yadda.


Car issues! Lavanderia and whatever else!

Ok people. I haven't blogged and now you are so very far behind in what is going on and I know you are like totally freaking cuz you must know what is the dealio (not).

Ok. On the car issue...its actually one that I've been fighting with for a while. The air hasn't been blowing very cold during the day when its like super hot out. AND sometimes the temperature in the car (the temp gage) is way hotter than it should be. When a pipe burnt through and was replaced, I thought that fixed the problem. But no. It appears that the issue is the fan that not only cools off the motor but helps my a/c function.

So I went through all of this running around today and so did Memo (thanks Memo!!!). I ended up sweating every liquid drop that exists in my body (so not attractive) and I still don't have my car back.

My car has been to the a/c place, some electrical place (bunch of idiots), and finally to the Chevy dealership which makes me feel a whole lot better about things! So anyways....that doesn't include Memo running to the dealership to get the part that I need and coming with me to get my car from the stupid electrical place and then us going to the Chevy dealership.

Anyhoo...its there now but I feel much better about it being there even if it does cost me more cuz frankly it comes under warrantee at least and they know how to say, "this is going to take a while, leave the car here and call me in an hour. Here is my extension...". Cuz you know the yuck man at the stupid electrical place pretty much ignored me. Thanks for the great service there asshole!


Ok. So lets celebrate because I have purchase my very first washer and dryer. It's the stackable kind so its a great space preserver! Telebodega shall deliver it tonight. I am certain the telebodega delivery men are going to hate me since I live on the third floor. But you is their job and I'm just going to give them a beer each and a tip (leftover beer that someone left at one of my house gatherings that I will NEVER drink). So I am the new Lavanderia in town. I am now Lavanderia Lizzy. Well not yet. I must call Servicio's Charly to do the connection but soon I will be in business and those other lavanderia's can kiss my ass. Now I will only have my self to blame if their are holes in my sheets or I don't get my undies back!

We went to the hotel again yesterday to hang by the pool. But I tell you. The pool was hot hot hot so that plus it already being hot hot hot out didn't help much. But the peeps say I'm pretty tanned so I guess that's a plus?

Anyhow I am taking donations because I'd like to be rich and do what I want all day long. And I'd have a pool that I'd put ice blocks in when it got too hot. AND you would be invited.

So send me an email and I'd be happy to tell you where to make the donation.

I am trying to figure out what I did on Saturday but I can't really remember except that I did go to the gym for the 6th time last week.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Point & Click

Ok so for some stupid reason its fun to play point and click games every once in a while. Helps forget about stupid shit and makes you think too!

The main object of point and click games are to search a room or rooms and find things. You need to use those things to get out of a room or building or sticky situation.

They can be pretty simple or hard and mostly fun to play while someone else is playing. So if you get suck, you can share secrets, versus looking the answers up.

Here is an easy example of a point and click game. If you get stuck, let me know and I'll help more. If you want me to recommend more games, let me know that too!

Here ya go!
Locked Office

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Welcome Back Beckla!

Read the title so I don't have to re-type it. Yay!

Yes, and she brought me my cinnamon mints and some licorice which is just fun fun fun!

I thought it was time to blog again but to tell you the truth. Everything is kind of a blurrrr right now really. I'm not sure what I need to say or if there is anything to say.

Generally I feel rather tired these days. I feel like I'm going non-stop and if I'm not I feel guilty like I should be doing something. What the heck is my darn problem!?

I'm thinking that running to the gym after work is the main thing. No. Actually, I think running to work in the morning and being there all day is the real problem. It just would be nice to not have to go but to still get the money. Ugh . Being an adult sucks sometimes. Funny since when you are a kid all you want to do is grow up so you can do what you want and go to bed really late.

Now all I want to do is go to bed early and chill out a little. Yeah right.

My pets are all destructive. Even the innocent one Diablo Lunita. Moco and Diesel are partners in crime. Moco knocks shit off the counter and Diesel picks it up and rips it to pieces. He often eats some of the pieces in the process. That's healthy.

You know what. I tried. I tried really hard to blog and its just not working. I am not feeling the motivation these days.

Later man!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Stuff

Ok so I think this will be fairly boring or it could be me ranting and raving. We'll see how it ends up.

I just hung up with an asshole client. You think? Right off the bat, first thing Monday morning he starts bitching about wanting to talk to Becky or a manager. He is just bitching about this and that and for all I know he is making crap up about Becky not calling him back about a problem. So anyhow, his mom died and her lease was split in 3. I think what he is pissed off about is that he was not the only beneficiary and he thinks that $100,000 is missing. No you dope head, you are not the only person on this planet and not the only beneficiary and that's why there is money that's "missing". Anyhow. He was a royal asshole and you know, I don't need, that sort of negativity first thing on a Monday morning. So you know what? The next time you want to piss in someone's cornflakes on a Monday morning, think twice. Because I gots the voodoo (JJ says I do) and I will put some shit on yo ass!

Ok. I feel better now.

So back to the weekend. I went to see that movie Miami Vice and well I didn't like it so much. I was just waiting for it to end really. Plus it was freezing freezing freezing in the theatre and I was trying to use my hair as a sweater.

The next morning I went to the gym and then came home and cleaned the apartment which was good because it needed a serious sweep and mop. It's still dirty here and there really but much better than before which is nice. I then met una amiga at the Blockbusters with Diesel in tow and then went over to the amigas where I ended up mooching a healthy meal off her because she is dieting. It was yumola anyhow and I was very grateful for the comida. We then proceeded to watch a movie she rented to which I fell in and out of consciousness. I was tired ok so don't give me crap.

Anyhow, so later I went home and watched my own movie and had almond M&M's. Can I just say that the peanut ones are the bomb. But the almond ones....they are killer. So good. And I don't even feel like I'm eating crap cuz basically sometimes its like so necessary to eat chocloate. And almonds are kick ass good for you (in small quantities) and it was a small package so its all good.

The bf went to a b-day party and when he got done at 2am or so he picked me up and we went over to his place. He had chinese cuz he was drinking beforehand and thus had some serious munchies. He kept giggling and it was rather hilarious to watch. Before you know it he was snoring away and I was grateful that he only snored on occasion and not all the time.

Yesterdays we went to a hotel to lounge in and it was nice to be around a pool that you could relax in. The food was good and even the iguana who snuck up on me thought so. We made buddies with him and hand fed him fajita meat, green peppers, onions and tortillas.

Some dick across the pool made it a point to shoo them away from him. Talk about a pussy man without balls. I was prepared to shoo him away beacase basically, I was grateful the iguana let me hang out in his territory.

So I guess the food was only good to a point because I had to run to the washrooms and then when we got home I was super glad to be in my washroom there as well.

Living here has constant stomach up and downs. It is important to keep Yakult and Pepto Bismol on hand at all times. (note to self, go to the walmarts and stock up)

"I'd like to check the status of my lease."

How about you ask a more particular question ok asswipe?

Ok that was a total terrets syndrome spazz right there.

So anyways. I found a tick in Diesel's ear and had to yank that mo fo out. You know, I never had to deal with those back in Vancity. So it totally stresses me out that there are these crazy bugs who just attach themselves to you, and if you don't notice it, they will just suck the life out of you. Leaches do that and I am familiar with them so its not as crazy to me but leaches are used for medical purposes too so that makes them sort of ok. Anyhow. I flushed the tick down the toilet. Is that proper burial?

Moco is a pain in the culo. She is way too smart and knows how to open the closets which I don't get because sometimes I can't even open them. Anyhow she gets right in there and finds clothes and socks and drags them all over town. Thanks Moco!

This blog has gone on long enough. So I am going to sign out now. I have things to do. I must be productive.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Don't be a talker, be a doer!

So here's the deal.

Don't tell me about the car you are going to buy, or how you are going to be such a millionaire or that this person sucks and you'd totally do way better than them.

I don't want to hear it.

Want to know why?

Because I hate "all talk and no action" people. Its like these people just like to listen to themselves and they think that if they say it enough, that it will be a reality.

WAKE UP. It won't. If you wan't it to be a reality, how about shut up about it and do it? Yeah DO IT!

Ok. Off the soap box.

So it's Friday and I'm very glad. I got that Beckla's moola so if she's reading this, tooo bad Beckla! I gots the moolaaaa and I might use it towards the washer/dryer I want. That is, if you don't bring me back treats and stuff.

Doggy is starting to be less picky about what he eats. He's back into eating plastic and chewing on bugs and stuff so I guess all is pretty well normal. Thank the lord cuz the dog wasn't fat to begin with.

Well, I have to leave now. Because I must be productive and get into my gym clothes and leave.

~TGIF for that Bell Chick! aka puke girl.

Over and out!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am the most wisdomest in the world!

My title is what my msn messenger says right now. It says that because everyone in the world thinks I'm the most wisdomest ever! A special shout out goes to mother and daughter, Laura & Micki. I hope you are both doing well and that you are staying strong!

So then. I haven't written for a couple of days and its because my life is so full full full that I often don't have time to bless everyon with my words.

If i got paid at a certain hour to sit down and write this stuff I would be CERTAIN to do it. But rest assured, I will be late. Because when am I not? (insert co-workers laughter here).

So a normal day for me includes going to work, heading to the gym, and doing a whole dump truck load of stuff in-between. I'd like to consider myself busy......but someone once told me, don't say "busy" say " "productive". Because certainly if you are doing lots of things, you are getting things done. Whether its picking up doggy poop, chasing down Moco who has beat the hell out of a toilet paper roll, or taking a shower. You are "doing something".

So yesterday Bell Sister was puking her brains out and since Becklish is on "vacations", I had to answer the phones sola. But puke girl came back because she felt guilty (silly girl). I thought i was doing a pretty good job and then later in the afternoon I all of a sudden turned into a biatch.

You see, someone flicked the switch. And it was all over. All over!!!!

But then I went to the dentist and then I got a garrafon ( I can lift them in my heels so you better be impressed). AND THEN I went to the gym and did some cardio which I so didn't want to do. But I am a productive girl and I do things to be productive!

I even got to eat at my favorite new sushi place so that rocked.

I can't really think of more to say and in fact I don't think I said much this time. But its all good.

Oh. The garbage collectors are here. Did I mention they collect the garbage in our office twice a day which is way too much? And because of the location of my garbage can, its a real unnecessary pain in the ass. Ok. Gotta go. Gotta go pass on the garbage.