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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Fat Choy!

My new years resolution is to be one of those birds that fly way up high and just glide for hours and hours in the sun right above where the ocean meets the sand.

Giving up pizza just doesn't sound like as much fun.

Friday, December 29, 2006

You need to Laugh!!!!

Thank god my mom sent this. It's hilarious!!! ENJOY.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006



Merry Happy Ho New Fat Choy

And all that seasonal stuff.

My birthday is in February and that's what's important so take advantage of all those boxing day / after xmas sales and buy my birthday gift now!

Here is my horoscope for the day. I know Joyce will like it:

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
If you can simplify your current circumstances, it may get easier to figure out what you should do next. Your concern arises from the complexity of the situation coupled with the high energy of this time of year. You can become overwhelmed when you realize that there is no quick and easy answer. Your best strategy now is to eliminate the extra noise so you can to get yourself back to the basics.

Monday, December 18, 2006


The last few months have been pretty busy with guests coming into town. There was Mary-Anne and Kaleb from back home who came to the Riviera Maya for their Honeymoon. I was part of their wedding and was happy to be a bridesmaid. Was a fun time. I've known that Mary-Anne since grade 8 and we've got some funny stories about eachother. Of course, my stories about her are funnier but I won't divulge them because half of them are inner jokes anyways. Here's to mooning the moon!

Wesley, who is my good friend Katarina's husband from back home visited as well. He came down because his buddy got a free trip to Cancun. It was nice to see him and I think he has grown over the years into a good guy. He is a proud father and enjoys his family. He was really sweet to me and we had a good night at The City together.

Mom was here for two weeks. This trip was nice in that it wasn't full of a lot of mumbo jumbo running around. I had a few days off and it was mostly the normal every day stuff that we would do together back home. It was nice to have her to come home to and she also helped keep the place clean so that was a big help. LOL. Of course I had to have a party while she was there because it sure makes it a lot easier than doing it by myself. It was a lot of fun and lots of people came. That Irene sure enjoyed Diesel and the kitties even tho Moco took to sleeping on her pillow right by her head.

Joyceee was in Cancun too. She brought me sugarless Koolaid and Crystal Light Raspberry Ice as requested. She also gave me a cool "insult a day calendar". I can't wait til January 1st so that I can start insulting everyone. I didn't get to spend quality time with joyce. You know, I didn't get to bribe her with a nice shower and didn't get to share apples, peanut butter and animal crackers with her. But as always it was nice to see her and I just wish she would stay here for good but then you need money and a job and all that. Why do they have to make life so difficult!

So to all the was nice to see you! You should visit more often!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ok. So at the risk of not having "TACT", I'm going to have to post this.

What is it with people not getting that it's just not ok to say certain things outwardly to either a group of people, or one person about certain things.

Because either you are insulting me, a good friend or just making an ass of yourself.

And what's worse is that sometimes the buck doesn't stop there. It's like a continuous gossip chain of tactlessness that like never ends.

That's nice that you have an opinion, and you feel it's your right to spew it all over, but you know what, you will have FEWER friends if you continue to be like that. That or they will just pretend they are your friend....which is my opinion is worse.

So mind your manners. And I don't mean stop burping, farting and swearing around people that like to do the same. I mean, keep your trap shut because you have no idea what is going on while you are so busy in your own world drumming up discretionless banter.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Forget the Yellow Pages

If you've got a problem, and you don't know where to turn to, and you live in Cancun, might as well avoid the Yellow Pages because they are certainly not your friend.

First off....... they are out of date. Good luck finding the store with the ad because they probably don't exist anymore.

Second off.....Good luck with the phone number probably doesn't work.

Third off......You pretty much cannot guarantee that the people in the yellow pages are good at what they do since they are not recommended by anyone. But thats only if you can a) get through via phonecall, or b) find them.

So basically. If you want to get anything done, and done half good, be sure to ask all friends, taxi cab drivers, aquaintences, Oxxo store clerks and any other person out there where to go to get this or that done or where to buy this or that.

If you don't know anyone. You're screwed.

Here's to "Liz Navidad" and stolen 8 Balls!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I apologize for the lack of blogs. I know you are all sitting at home or work completely torn up about it.

Has been difficult to write them since mom was here, and we had some time off work, in addition to me taking time off work and other events in motion.

I hope to be back to my blogging self.

But if not. Go have yourself a Mexican Hot Dog.