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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Help Please

I've decided I need to create a new blog with a new name. I of course will keep Mexico "Way", but need a new blog representing the change in my life.

Help please? What should I call it?

I have "Back to B.C." on my twitter. But it doesn't seem to have the same spunk as Mexico "Way".




Watching Gustav

I know I'm not in Cancun anymore but I am watching this storm just as much as I would if I was down there.

While it looks like Cancun may just get by with some rain, you never know with these things. Until it passes, I don't think anyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Whatever the case, be safe my Cancun friends. Get your Jesus candles, tuna and water. It's not like you'll never use them again if you over-stock.

For those of you interested in following, here are some links for ya:

National Hurricane Center

Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog - He makes it easy for you to understand the storm and doesn't throw a lot of weather mumbo jumbo at you.

Wunderground Tracking

Weather Tracking

I find it's best to keep an eye on all 3 websites (National Hurricane Center, Wunderground, because all projected paths will vary slightly from one website to the other.

Here's hoping it turns out to be a dud.

Damn You!

You beat me on a post Joyce but you haven't posted any pictures yet! Muahahahahaha!

Here's one as a teaser (and no it's not the Vij's pic).

Not too shabby a view if you ask me.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Great Northern Trade

Canada: I bring you gifts of Ketchup Chips, Dill Pickle Chips, Nibs, Swedish Berries and local coolers (7% alcohol fyi).

U.S.A.: You bring me gift of big bottle of Valentina.

Fact: Valentina is from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Question: Why is the U.S.A. trading Mexican products?

(Thanks for the GIANT bottle Joyce and yes, everything is in French in English. See! It confuses you too!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


No one here understands Spanglish and how funny and necessary it is to speak it.

Get with it amigos. PULEASE. Gracias.

I expect you all to be in acuerdo conmigo becauase that's the way I roll.

P.S. Twitter addy (even though only one person is interested):

If that doesn't work, Spanglish me and I'll correcto it.

P.S.S. I already wished her a Happy Bday but Happy CumpleaƱos to the Lisa Love! I know you had a good happy day and you deserve it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bits Before I Forget...

- There is a 2 second delay on traffic lights here. In Cancun, if I'm correct, when one light switches to red, the other once switches to green at the same time. I wonder if this is the causes more accidents?

- Diesel's other ball was removed. Apparently up North you are looked at as a bad person for allowing your pet to have balls, or even one ball in Diesel's case. Supposedly it's suppose to stop dogs from being aggressive (which he is not) and make him chill out from being horny. He is currently humping tigger so you can see how well THAT worked.

- Cans (latas) of food here do not have the ever popular easy pull off top like in Mexico. You actually have to use a can opener. Oh how I hate those. Why is it Mexico caught on to that and yet up here not so much?

- The city is so "green". Trees everywhere. I like it.

- There are signs that say, "Thank you for picking up" and it has a picture of a person picking up dog shit. I like them. They say thanks instead of "Pick up your dog shit or else I will flatten your car tires!". I'd say about 98% of the people pick up their dog poop and the other 2% ran out of bags and so therefore didn't use their bare hands and just left it there. So guess who's picking up a shit these days? Yup you guessed it. The defiant dog poop picker upper.

- Theresa, remind me to take pictures of my dad's garden for you. You will die. It's amazing.

- I'm on twitter now. If you're interested .... tell me. If not, then na na na na na see if I care.

- He's still humping.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mayan's Had Hot Dogs?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ooohhhhh He Crossed the Wrong B@#$%!

It's really interesting to see the difference in cultures that I've experienced since I've been back home.

In Mexico, people are pretty relaxed about things, tolerate more things (loud music until the wee hours in the mornin, no water, no electric, etc), and don't pick up their dog shit.

In Canada, there are rules and regulations, people expect top-notch service, and there are signs that say "pick up your dog shit" and people pretty much pick it up.

But some people just take the rules and what they think are their rights a little too far.

For example...this evening...I was out taking my dog for a liesurely walk. We went out of the gate and he peed on the bushes outside the gate (public property might I add).

Some man comes out and says, "Can you not let your dog piss there! My yard smells like dog piss!".

I stood there in silence for a few moments in complete shock that a) this man said this, b) this man was so rude, c) insinuated that my 2 lb dog made his yard smell like piss (lets get real folks, he was making it up), d) was complaining about dog piss on a bush OUTSIDE his yard, e) would even bitch about piss instead of shit and e) made it seem like I'm responsible for this pissy mess when I moved in LAST NIGHT.

So I stared at him and threw spears via my eyeballs and said, "Are you kidding me????" in the calmest most evil voice evah! (Notice how I left out the "fucking" in "Are you FUCKING kidding me?"....cuz I'm more polite than that.)

So anyways........

And he says to me, my yard, it smells and your dog is peeing here. I said, "You know what, I just moved here YESTERDAY!".

And he BLINK BLINK BLINKED at me and said in snotty way that meant he thought I was lying, "OH yeah".

He thought I was lying and then he realized I was pretty frickin serious.

I could not believe the rudness of this bastard. So then he goes, "Oh well, sorry but I don't want any dogs pissing on my bushes.".

So, I said, "Well put up a sign before you start attacking people. My dog weighs two pounds and I seriously doubt that he is pissing up your yard.".


Wonder who pissed (pun intended) in his cornflakes this morning. Perhaps his woman isn't giving him any because he's such an ASSHOLE and thats why he's attacking random dog walkers.

Too bad I'm not a man. I'd go take a leak on his bushes once it gets dark.

Seriously, what a sign of karma. The dude is a jerk so SeƱorita Karma sent the dogs to piss all over his yard.

No shit. Piss only.

It's Official!

Diablo does not like being in cars.

Because if she did, she wouldn't have shit in it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Photo Time

Todays blog is very easy on the eyes. More pictures and less yapping. See how nice I am?

Here we go....

This pic is from the Folk Music Festival. I worked it two days after I arrived and this is the view I had from the booth. Since the view is kinda purdy, it wasn't so terribly horrible working while jet lagged.

My mom and I went to a sand castle competition at the beach in White Rock this past weekend. It was more of an amateur sand castle competion but it was still fun to go to. Lots of local businesses and kids were involved. Some of the kids built their own sand castles but did not enter the competition. What a mistake that was because their work was often better than some of the local businesses! Yes I am an expert on judging so I know these things. Thanks for asking.

Anyhow we parked the car at the top of a very steep hill and decided to hike down. Too bad the view sucked:

Dear non-professional picture taking people,

Rail road tracks and doors always make for cool pictures. They are artsy and you don't have to be a professional photographer to take a good picture of them. So take pics of them and you will look like you should own your own coffee table book.

The tide was out and the competition was on. Lots of friendly people all over holding their sandles and sinking their feetsies in the sand. I am use to the sand being WHITE so I chose to wear my shoes thinking that dark sand must equal dirty sand. While this is not the case, this is the sort of mental anguish I go through from day to day. Now you know.

This octopus was done by kids under the age of 12. They rock:

This next one looks to be a castle (really? at a sand castle competion!?) and a monster wanting to eat the castle. Rar!

Who would have thought that there are also sperm whales up in B.C.? You learn something new every day. is sperm whale season so it makes sense........ I don't know why I thought it that they wouldn't be around this year!

We couldn't figure out what the heck this next "sand castle" was:

Until we saw this next to it:

Boo ya! Canada has castles too!

Peeps on the beach:

Bowling on the beach! I betchya I can get a strike!

And THIS view I just love:

This concludes the sande castle competition. I have more pics but you know, blogger uploading sucks.

I am very pleased to announce that I did no have any destructive thoughts while at the beach. I had no urge to run through and destroy the castles or stomp them out and yell "who's the king of the castle now biatch!?". So thats a good thing right? For some reason I still want to run through Costco and knock everything over and watch mayonaise jars go smash. But don't worry, I never act on it.

Yeah. So moving on.

It's kit kit time!

Here's Moco...for once....not stirring up shit and looking all "proper" (haha! she fools!):

And here's me all cute and calm and non-destructive (ha ha! she fools!) curling up with two of my kids. Diablo of course is too important to share her love so she is not pictured here. The love Diablo and I share is special and private, so it is not often posted on my blog.

And THAT concludes todays version of Photo Time. Thanks for watchin.

Have fun smashin mayonesa jars in your mind. It helps..........with the voices.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cream Soda

Cost in Cancun: $100 pesos per bottle .

Cost in Vancouver: $4.50 Canadian dollars which is kicking the US dollars ass btw! per pack of 12 cans.

Cost for Sugarless Cream Soda: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!