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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


May I present to you, and may you bow wow to him, the one, the only, the undisputed, cute dog of Halloween............. KING DIESEL:

I know I know. Shame on me. But you got to admit, it's both funny AND cute! Especially how he just sat there helplessly and couldn't move when I put it on him! LOL.


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vacation Pics....Not Scorpion Pics

Thank god there weren't a lot of scorpions on my vacation. Because I don't think you could handle any more pics of em!
Me & Kitty Kat out enjoying the day before the big day:

False Creek:

View from my mom's old apartment:

Me & Donna sans makeup looking like curly head dorks:

Katarina, me & Mary-Anne all done up purdy:

Hope those pics didn't scare you as much as the scorpion one!

Ok. Off to the beach I go! Adios!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I Have Cats

Sure. They can be cute and cuddly:

But that's not the only reason.
This is the OTHER reason:

You see that hook in the picture? Not the scorpion's hook tail, but the hook you hang your towels on? Yeah. Well thats the hook we hang our kitchen towel on. If we didn't know the scorpion was there, we would have got stung when we went to dry our hands off.

I was getting ready for bed and came out of the bathroom and noticed Diablo on top of the microwave, which is on top of the fridge (rather high up), and Moco on top of the counter by the sink.

This did not appear normal to me. Diablo rarely goes way up there and Moco knows damn well that the counters are off limits (even though she doesn't listen).

They were both looking in the same direction from opposite sides so I knew something was up.

I don't know why, but I slowly picked up the towel and shreaked a "blahhhhh ahhhhh ewwwww ahhhhh" when I saw the evil thing. I tried to do it as quiet as possible because that Beckita had just retired for the evening.

I was kind of spazztic for a second and then realized that I needed a pic! (Yeah I'm really thinking of the important things here) With the two kit kits on guard, I snapped a picture for you and then I slowly put away whatever dishes were in the rack, grabbed the bug spray and sprayed it.

It tried to sting the insect spray and then dropped into the sink at which point I "blaaaaahhhhh ahhhhhhhed" some more.

That woke up the Beckster and when I pointed it out she was just as horrified as I was.

I sprayed it some more and then wanted it to get the F out of the house. I really didn't want to kill it. Just kind of wanted to get it out. But that wasn't going to happen man. It was me and my family against the scorpion! And my family was NOT going to lose!

All you buddha lovers out there are going to lecture me, and I get that, but then you weren't there either with this blecky crunchy dangerous scary looking worse-than-a-cockroach-alien inside YOUR house.

I ended up karate chopping it with the long handled dust pan and when it wasn't moving so much anymore I swept it with the long handled broom into the dust pan and chucked it outside.

Yeah. Um. Not something you want to deal with at 12 am.

Boy am I proud and happy to have the kit kits. This isn't the first time they've come to the rescue.

Meowchas gracicats.

Now go out and save a cat today!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Um Sorry? Again?

Yeah. So sorry for not posting. LOL.

I have been pretty busy at working making copies like a Kinko girl and then other than that i've just been busy or tired or just plain lazy about posting.

My trip to Vancouver was jam packed and the thought of trying to tell you all sorts of things that I did just seems impossible!

In short, I spent a lot of time with Donna in prep for her wedding. I helped clean my crap up to get my mom out of her old (which really is rather new and super nice) apartment. I spent a lot of time with my brother and my dad and I did some shopping and went to a psychic and had biofeedback done(by the way really cool and you should go get it done if you have a chance). I also got to spend some time with friends that are dear to me and unfortunately didn't get a chance to see everyone and do everything I wanted to but it was a good busy trip.

Again thanks to Becky for watching my dear kids. I know the cats were relatively easy to take care of but Diesel was a bit of a handful due to his anal gland issues. The issues have not completely gone away but things seem to be progressing nicely. In addition to that he did not lose his appetite and ate the entire time I was away and has managed to pick up his appetite some since I got back. Yay Diesel my little champion!

Well enough of that. Lets get some pics taken on my trip shall we?

Well that didn't go well. I can only post two pics for now. Problems with blogger.

Oh well. Next time!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Honesty Still Exists & Britney, Keep Your Panties On!!!

Seriously. Enough crotch shots. It's called underwear or pants or keeping your legs together. In case you haven't noticed, their are cameras aimed at you all the time, and they are often at crotch-level.


Now that I've gotten THAT off my chest......

When I left for Vancouver and had to be at the airport at like 4 a.m. (thanks for the drive laura!), I was standing in line when this guy asks me, "So for how long did you go for?".

I kinda laughed to myself and was like, "Five years actually!". He was a little shocked and was really interested in the fact that I lived in Cancun and was asking me all sorts of questions. Apparently he decided to jump off his cruise ship so he could see more of Playa and Cancun.

We finally got up to the counter and I had to pay $25 because my suitcase was overweight and I wasn't about to take stuff out of it. At the same time the same guy was next to me and he looked all stressed out and out of sorts. He had to open up his suitcase to find his wallet. The woman at the counter kept saying he had to pay the departure tax or he would not be going anywhere. He started pulling out his hair and then looked at me and asked if I could "lend" him the money for it.

A giant spotlight appeared above me. I was kind of annoyed but gave the money to the agent. I mean do I tell this stranger no, and feel responsible for him being denied departure? Or do I say yes and kiss the money goodbye? I said yes, and forked it over.

Apparently they wouldn't take credit cards and he couldn't withdraw any money from the bank machine so he was screwed.

After we were done at the counters I was like, so um, how you going to pay me back? He said some BS about buying me breakfast and I was like, um, no place is open and I wasn't really looking for a $25.00 breaky at 4:30 am. So he said he'd send me a check. I was like, I don't have an address to give you right now because my mom moved so I don't know where you could send it. He said he would send it to me in Mexico. I was like....yeah um, I can't deposit a US check here so that won't work and I probably wont get it. Ask all RHI clients. We tell them this all the time.

Then I got smart and asked if he used Paypal. He said yes.

At this point I was totally pissed off and think he was chatting it up with me just so that he could ask me for the money and run/fly away. Super annoying.

We exchanged emails and I figured I kissed the money goodbye, did my good deed, and in some way it would come back to me later on in life.

My flight stopped in Houston and was delayed about three and a half hours and when I got into Vancouver I had to run to the seamstress to hem my dress for the wedding. I ran to see my dad and then my mom and I were stuck in traffic for another hour and a half before we finally arrived.

By the time I got home I was tired but thought I should at least check in and let everyone know I made it back in one peace.

In my mailbox was an email with the subject line saying:

"Airline Favor"
It was that guy in the airport who did what he said what he would do, except faster, thanking me for putting the money out because if I hadn't, he may still be stuck in Cancun.
You're welcome and thanks for being a good citizen and sticking to your word!
And shame on me for thinking the worst!
And YES! I am wearing panties and pants!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Becky's Kids

While I was away Miss Becky Becky Checking Checking did a fabulous job of taking care of my kids. So much so that the first day I came back Diesel proudly went over and sat right next to that Rebecca and looked and me like, "Well....ya left me and she didn't so I'm gonna sit next to her!".

Poor Diesel has had a bad behind problem for the last month and got worse while I was away but Beck Becky (she's got lots of names that girl) did exactly what I would have done and probably better and I thank her for that.

The kit kits and doggy dog have lots of treats and even a halloween costume so they are super happy. Even Beckla got some stuff (see how many names she has) and I'm glad they fit and haven't been read yet and can shed some yellow light into her life.

As you can see the cats have pretty much made it clear that I can't go anywhere, especially if they are sitting on my luggage:

Diesel liked his t-shirt from Old Navy:

And really it's all about being back to relaxing and enjoying life:

Thanks again Beckorama (new name)!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Welcome Back!

Hey ya! Thanks!

I'm back in Cancun and I guess I am super duper behind with this blog thing (whats new?).

I'm mostly super behind because hey, I went to Vancouver, and I was super duper busy. So deal.

However, when I get my things in order, and feel a little less tired and worn out and half dead, I will post pictures and tell you about my adventures.