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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I Have Cats

Sure. They can be cute and cuddly:

But that's not the only reason.
This is the OTHER reason:

You see that hook in the picture? Not the scorpion's hook tail, but the hook you hang your towels on? Yeah. Well thats the hook we hang our kitchen towel on. If we didn't know the scorpion was there, we would have got stung when we went to dry our hands off.

I was getting ready for bed and came out of the bathroom and noticed Diablo on top of the microwave, which is on top of the fridge (rather high up), and Moco on top of the counter by the sink.

This did not appear normal to me. Diablo rarely goes way up there and Moco knows damn well that the counters are off limits (even though she doesn't listen).

They were both looking in the same direction from opposite sides so I knew something was up.

I don't know why, but I slowly picked up the towel and shreaked a "blahhhhh ahhhhh ewwwww ahhhhh" when I saw the evil thing. I tried to do it as quiet as possible because that Beckita had just retired for the evening.

I was kind of spazztic for a second and then realized that I needed a pic! (Yeah I'm really thinking of the important things here) With the two kit kits on guard, I snapped a picture for you and then I slowly put away whatever dishes were in the rack, grabbed the bug spray and sprayed it.

It tried to sting the insect spray and then dropped into the sink at which point I "blaaaaahhhhh ahhhhhhhed" some more.

That woke up the Beckster and when I pointed it out she was just as horrified as I was.

I sprayed it some more and then wanted it to get the F out of the house. I really didn't want to kill it. Just kind of wanted to get it out. But that wasn't going to happen man. It was me and my family against the scorpion! And my family was NOT going to lose!

All you buddha lovers out there are going to lecture me, and I get that, but then you weren't there either with this blecky crunchy dangerous scary looking worse-than-a-cockroach-alien inside YOUR house.

I ended up karate chopping it with the long handled dust pan and when it wasn't moving so much anymore I swept it with the long handled broom into the dust pan and chucked it outside.

Yeah. Um. Not something you want to deal with at 12 am.

Boy am I proud and happy to have the kit kits. This isn't the first time they've come to the rescue.

Meowchas gracicats.

Now go out and save a cat today!


  • At 9:15 PM, October 25, 2007, Anonymous janie said…

    More vacation pics and less bug pics, please.

    love ya!

  • At 11:46 PM, October 25, 2007, Blogger JJ said…

    Every time someone who lives there tells a story about a scorpion I drop to my knees and thank GOD I never had to deal with one of those. Mother of God. MOTHER. OF. GOD. If Laura was around she would have beat the smack out of it with a hammer, but I too am one with the bug spray. Except 2 hours later I would still be spraying. Bless you.

    And bless those KITS!

  • At 6:24 AM, November 01, 2007, Blogger Terri said…

    That is just so so so so wrong! I couldn't take it!


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