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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Um Sorry? Again?

Yeah. So sorry for not posting. LOL.

I have been pretty busy at working making copies like a Kinko girl and then other than that i've just been busy or tired or just plain lazy about posting.

My trip to Vancouver was jam packed and the thought of trying to tell you all sorts of things that I did just seems impossible!

In short, I spent a lot of time with Donna in prep for her wedding. I helped clean my crap up to get my mom out of her old (which really is rather new and super nice) apartment. I spent a lot of time with my brother and my dad and I did some shopping and went to a psychic and had biofeedback done(by the way really cool and you should go get it done if you have a chance). I also got to spend some time with friends that are dear to me and unfortunately didn't get a chance to see everyone and do everything I wanted to but it was a good busy trip.

Again thanks to Becky for watching my dear kids. I know the cats were relatively easy to take care of but Diesel was a bit of a handful due to his anal gland issues. The issues have not completely gone away but things seem to be progressing nicely. In addition to that he did not lose his appetite and ate the entire time I was away and has managed to pick up his appetite some since I got back. Yay Diesel my little champion!

Well enough of that. Lets get some pics taken on my trip shall we?

Well that didn't go well. I can only post two pics for now. Problems with blogger.

Oh well. Next time!


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