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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fighting Road Kill

My mom and I headed across the boarder into the US of A (los EEUU) to do a little bit of shopping today.

We saw two road kill.

Neither were cats, dogs, horses or cows. Yes, I have seen all four in Cancun and surrounding areas. Lying there......gone. Road kill down there also consists of animals like oposums, crabs, lizards and giant locusts (as big as small birds) stuck to the windshield. It is a daily occurrence and unfortunately, most of the road kill is cat/dog related. That is simply because the unwanted pet population down there is unfathomably high. Too many kits and pups, wandering around, looking for food and a half-comfy place to sleep. The worst is that there isn't exactly someone you can call to remove the carcass. :( Poor babies.

While I was sad to see the two squished raccoons (they are the cutest things EVER) today.....I was relieved that neither were cats or dogs and certainly not horses (I can't get that disturbing image out of my head). They were wild animals that didn't know any better, just going about their natural business. They know how to find food on there own, and build a comfy house, they just haven't learned how to cross the street.

In the time I've been back in B.C., I've seen a bird or two on the side of the road, and a squirrel, and most recently the raccoons. Although it is sad to see that they lost their lives to speeding cars, it's nice to know, that it's not someone's pet, and that they probably had a full life before running straight into heaven.

Please think of the poor pups and kits in both Cancun & Playa del Carmen and either donate a little bit of time while you are on vacation there....or a little dinero that will go a long long way in helping these animals find homes. Please see links below. Kits and pups need homes, and when they have homes, they will most likely stay there, safe, where they belong.

There is no "SPCA" in Cancun or playa. These ARE the SPCA's of the area, run by people who care and want to help. Unfortuantely, there is no government assistance and in general, cats and dogs are low on the totem pole in terms of importance, so these shelters rely on the goodness of you folks.
Before I go, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if this post seemed "harsh". But the truth is, it's reality, and it happens. The above 2 shelters are in desperate need of funds to help get these animals off the streets and into homes. So please, give a little and save them...... literally.


  • At 3:20 PM, September 04, 2008, Anonymous RiverGirl said…

    Thanks for the plug for Mexico's homeless animals. I just wanted to say that work is underway for a new RAP web site. It should be launched in early October.

  • At 9:47 PM, March 16, 2010, Blogger Blair Bailey said…

    I am a Veterinarian and I will be visiting Cancun in April with my Veterinarian Technician for a much needed Vacation. We would gladly spend time volunteering at a shelter doing surgeries or what ever if needed in Cancun. We just need an invite. Please E-Mail to

  • At 12:09 PM, May 19, 2011, Anonymous Mexican Imports said…

    Thanks for the valueable information!!

  • At 11:47 AM, November 01, 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is now Nov. 1, 2015 and there is no link on ur site to help homeless cats and dogs in Cancun


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