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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Picture Show & Other Stuff!

So as usual, I'm sorry for not blogging. I don't think I have any regular readers except for Becky anyways and the best part is that Becky pretty much knows anything and everything and the fact that she reads this is still pretty funny but hey how's that for a run-on sentence?

So I joined a new gym. They have valet parking. WTF? It really irks me that they have valet parking for a freakin gym. If I park a little farther, which is what I do, I don't have to use the valet parking. But where I park is actually not a parking spot so I may look like a cheap weirdo or something. They don't charge for the parking but this is a TIPPING society so on top of my expensive membership (700 pesos) I have to tip to park? Screw that. I'm so confused by this whole concept. I drive a chevy monza and I guess the people that have Beamers and Hummers and Mercedes need valet parking, but if you're going to the gym to get that body in shape, can't you at least park your own car too? Lordy.

Remember those pretty blinds I bought that were expensive but do nothing in terms of keeping the light out? I wanted to show you the difference between having the blinds open, and closed. There really isn't a big difference so here it is:

Blinds open (don't even bring up the dirty window because I can't get the window out to wash it, the apartment settled too much):

Blinds closed:

See the giant difference they make? As a result they were moved into the family room and I got normal navy blue blinds that actually block out the light in my bedroom. They do look nice there and they serve their purpose better. But please, please don't buy these if you hate any sort of light in your room when you're sleeping!
This really isn't a very good picture but when you walk out our front door to go down the steps this is what you see:
If you look hard enough you can see the ocean. It really is peaceful and calming and I have the same sort of view if I look out my bedroom window (not directly of course but from the side).
It is a consensus that Moco is the shit disturber of the house (ok, she comes behind me of course) and she is really good at pissing off Becky. So Becky put her in a cage:
She doesn't look to happy but of course Moco is mad for like 1 second and then forgets she was mad (too much bleach licking in her lifetime) and pretends to be cute for a second or two:

Diesel has what we like to call his "Dirty". It use to be a bunny rabbit and use to be cute. But then Diesel got ahold of it and made it his everything friend. He couldn't just let the bunny be the bunny. He eventually ripped off the eyes and the nose and all of the stuffing. Poor little Dirty doesn't make a good humping partner these days (kind of flat and lifeless) but at least Dirty is something Diesel can use to push all over the floor to help sweep. Dirty is also good for shaking back and forth and tossing all around and Dirty is very good for sleeping with as well. (Dirty is also good for grossing out anyone who comes in it's path because you know, Diesel likes to bring Dirty right over to you for you to touch and feel and love just like he does!) Dirty is also used for couch acrobats as you can see in the following pictures:

My mom would probably want to throw Dirty out. And actually I've considered it myself. But frankly, dirty is Diesel's baby blanket and I just don't have the heart to do it, even if it is really gross, disgusting and "dirty".
So I have this all purpose bucket that I use for pretty much everything. I use it to soak my feet, I use it to bathe Diesel, I use it to throw shit in. Moco uses it too:
And last, but certainly not least. When I wasn't looking, someone stole my heart. Ok it wasn't a someone because people suck. But boy oh boy this filthy skinny yucky looking street dog reached right in and grabbed my heart out of my chest. I tried to ignore him but really I couldn't because I started to talk to him and he was confused. He did a double take and was like, "Are you actually talking to me? I'm just a worthless street dog that no one gives a shit about. Are you sure you're really talking to me?". I said, "Yes of course I am, even if you look like death you are kinda cute. Come on over here and let me give you some love because it sure looks like you need it." So there I was giving this dog some love and I realized that the least I could do is give him one meal that would give him a little more nutrition than a plastic bag. So up I went and down I came with some cat food (Diesel won't eat dog food). I put it on the sidewalk and he gobbled.
Street doggy was there the next day and oh lordy I knew I was in for it. When I came down the stairs and he was at the bottom he looked up at me and said, "Hello, my name is Rosco, and I think I really like you."
So there you have it. Present me with a beggar on the street or a helpless dog and you know which one I'm choosing to help. Here he is, ROSCO:
You can see he's rather skinny but I plan to fatten him up. He is so good natured and gets along with all the dogs in the neighbourhood and really just wants to be loved. I will continue to feed him and have conversations with him but please, if you know of anyone who is willing to rescue this loving face ....let me know ok?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We Have Internet!

Now I can www all I want!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I Have US TV & A Phone Line. Need Internet, Will Work For...

Well about a month ago things were rather gloom but I tell you things are starting to fall into place. I can't believe I just said that!

We have a phone line and I've got t.v. stations from the US in NOW time and not like two years behind the times time and there's just so much crap to watch I don't know what to do with myself!

I've done more organizing of my stuff and just have to get those new blinds (you know blinds that actually block the darn light out) up and some mirrors hung and all that fun stuff. Maybe those stupid shelves I bought can go somewhere....

The whole satellite ordeal was a little stressful as the guy either didn't show or when he did all he did was drill holes in my wall and piss me off and make me think...."what a freakin mistake that was"! For now its working and its ok. Stay tuned for future bitching on that cuz you know SOMETHING will happen.

I managed to get some sun this weekend despite the whole satellite t.v. drama so thats good. I even got to check out a hottie at the beach.

Now if only I could get that hottie to hang around me more often ........


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Someone Already Bought A Car.....

.....and I still don't have internet or cable t.v.

Lets ponder this.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm.