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Friday, September 29, 2006

I got TUBE!

In some of my previous blogs, I mentioned the excitement of having a washer and dryer and all the trials and tribulations of getting it hooked up. It sort of ended with me having to allow it to drain in several buckets because I didn't have tubing long enough, or tubing to fit that would drain in the ..... drain.

The BF said he would find the tubing and that he knew where to go. One day he went around to like 5 different places and said that he couldn't find it and the guys that worked there kept saying, go to this place, but if they don't have it, you won't find it. He pretty much gave up since running around to Mexican hardware stores and such can be kind of dusty and dirty. I sure as hell didn't know where to go so I figured it might be a write-off. In a sense I didn't want to believe it though because hey, this is Mexico. And sometimes they have all sorts of shit that you need or don't need or all that fun stuff.

Washing clothes had become a pain in the ass. I literally had to keep my eye on the washer so that I could let the washer drain into a bucket and had to stay there so that when that bucket got full, I could transfer it into a new bucket. Then I had to dump the buckets out. This results in a giant water mess that has made me wash my floors more times than I want to. It kind of defeated the purpose of a washer being easier and more convenient. Not to mention, when you have three pets running through the water and tracking dirty paws allover, it doesn't help much more.

So I've been asking people here and there if they know of a place that I can get the damn tube/hose/drain pipe. They didn't know specifically but can try this market or that market or what about along this street. But yesterday my dear Becky told me that there was a place that carried various types of tube/hose/drain pipes. I figured I'd give it a try and hijacked her so she could show me exactly where it was.

We went and were sort of looking at some tube outside and tried to explain to the guys like several times what we needed. They I guess assumed that since we were women, that we didn't know what the hell we were talking about and didn't really know what we needed and kept pointing to this hose that was way too small.

We also kept asking for a measuring tape. I'm certain we asked at least 20 times before we got results. Then the smart guys were measuring it from the outside rim to the outside rim which is not correct! Since I need the tubing to be 3cm wide from the inside.

While patient Becky was trying to explain that we needed it bigger and why, because AGAIN, we are women and thus must not know shit, I went into the store and saw something that might be better.

It was not perfect but it was closer and I figured that if I melted the end of the tubing with a hairdryer since it was so flexible that I could fit it over the other tube. Then miss Beckla found a better tube and it was exactly what we needed.

You don't understand how happy I was and how cool it was to find that damn tube. And even when we found it and were sure of it, they weren't so sure that we knew what the hell we needed. So I carefully explained to them that I needed tubing that would fit over something like a condom.

Of course that Becky said, "Liz!" like my mother would and apologized to them for my frankness. But I will tell you that those "know-it-all-men" finally gave the fuck up and basically agreed that this would be the best option. To add to the stupidity, they cut it and didn't ask before they cut it if it was long enough and the old man at the cash scolded the young dude for not asking before he cut it. It worked out to be the 10 feet that I needed which also translates into 3 meters (thanks beckla!).

Well I took that tubing home and I did it all up nice and it fit all snug and is long enough to go to the drain and everything!

...........................................Now the only thing left to do is to actually wash something.....................and walk away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ok so when I was posting the Crocodile Hunter stuff, it wouldn't post. So then I wrote a pissed off post.

I was certain that neither of them posted but apparently they I had like 3 Croc Hunter ones and had to delete the repeats and two pissed off posts.

I decided to leave the pissed off post because I'm a blog monster.....forced to be that way of course.

The Crocodile Hunter

I'm watching 20/20 with Barbara Walters and it's about Steve Irwin, his death, his wife, his family and really...his entire life.

I keep busting out into tears because it's just so sad. I feel so bad for his wife Terri and his kids. Although, somehow, I think his kids are doing better than his wife Terri.

Some people think that Steve is (damn, I said is. Is that ok or should it be "was"?) a bit of a freak and abnormal. I can't tell you how wrong they are considering all the freaks and abnormal irrationally crazy people out there. (Hell, I know some of those screwed up people.)The guy's life was animals and teaching people how cool they can really be....even if they are dangerous. Yeah he seemed overly excited and a little bit out there, but it surely did him, the animals and a shitload of folks out there some good.

How often have you been flipping the channels and saw old Steve The Crocodile Hunter on t.v.? How many times did you say, oh, this sucks, or oh this isn't interesting, I don't want to watch this? For me, the shitty part was that I could never catch the show at the beginning and I was always bummed I didn't get to see more.

And that whole thing with them comparing Steve to Michael Jackson dangling his kid from the balcony. I'm sorry but I just don't buy that Steve's baby was put in great danger and that the croc could have eaten him for dinner. If you listen to the details that lead up to it, the preparations, and Steve & Terri's way of life, you'd understand that it really wasn't such a big deal.

It's like a race car driver father who has a son and takes him out in the car. Or a mother who's a diver and teaches her taugher right out of the womb how to swim. It just pisses me off because there are worse things out there in the world to cover in the news. But lets just harp on good people ok? Just for fun?

Ok it's over (20/20) and I'm still upset and still mad that the Croc Hunter is gone. In fact I think I'm still in denial. But how could you not be? When someone is larger than life I suppose they never really "die".

So to Steve's family I hope they can live a happy life in memory of their husband and father. And to Steve....I'm sure you are dancing with your mother, playing fetch with Suey (sp?) and rolling around with the crocs of your past. Enjoy and come by to visit sometime will ya?

PS I'm sure Steve is loving this Locust Invasion! Crikey!

Pissed OFF!

I just wrote a nice thing about the Crocodile Hunter and had pics and everything cuz I was watching it on 20/20 and it got lost so now I know what it feels like to be Joyce!

Screw the internet!

I'm not redoing it cuz I'm pissed!

Steve must have reached down and stolen the orignal copy. Crazy Croc Hunter!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I wasn't lying about the locusts!

It turns out there is some sort of freakish locust invasion going and that I really was telling the truth about seeing the swarms of them and one smashing up against the windshield.

Here is an article

You can click "next" on the image to the left in the article to see a few more pics.

Now, as for that Demanding Blog Poster, perhaps she better step up because I am kickin her bootay at this regular blogging thing.

I'll check ya later folks.

Night Night!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm a blog MONSTER!

Look at me go! I'm going crazy with all these blogs. I have so much "crap" (yesterdays word of the day) to say you see!

Today's word of the day is GYNORMOUS. I will use this in several sentences and you will have to guess the real meaning ok? Isn't this fun? Don't we love crazy crapola blogs?

So yesterday we drove to Playa so that we could see that it was going to rain, eat and then leave. :) On the way there we flew through some gynormous locust swarms. I tell you those locusts were gynormous. And there were lots of them! It was like the movie "The Birds" except that they were locusts. I think I have a pic of one on a window somewhere. I think it's at home tho. And I'm at work. So I think I'll just google an image for you so you can get an idea.

<-----------Idea of what a locust looks like.

On the way back we were lucky enough to have one splat on the newly washed escalade window and tho it was gross it silently made me laugh because come on. It can't stay finger lickin clean all the time. (The escalade, not the locust)Espeically in esta ciudad.

Picture of splat locust ------>

Isn't it funny that you can take a truck to get washed and waxed and all that fun stuff like 3 times a week but you still haven't managed to get the a/c in your bedroom fixed? Are you liking being hot? Are you liking the water dripping everywhere? Are you liking the choppy chunk chunk ping tang sounds that come from it? I guess so. I digress no?

So I was saying to that Beckla that they shouldn't put so much coloring (oh my gosh i spelled it with an "O" only and not with an "OU". I must be turning into a non-cdn) in say kool aid or crystal light. Because my tongue was like bright red and it looked like I had just licked up a bunch of blood from my victim (I'm a part time vampire but i try not to do it during the day so i was afraid that my co-workers were catching on to one of my skitzo buddies). So anyways, YEAH, don't put any coloUring in the beverages will ya? And Becky says to me that if they didn't, what color would it be? And I said, why clear of course. And she said well maybe they put in color because it would be an ugly brown. I tried to clearly explain to her that adding color to it would not fix the brown. Because colors don't go backwards. I kind of yelled it out with an exclamation mark at the end like I knew what I was talking about. I know you all agree that I'm right. Because I'm a gynormous genious and all.

Ok Blog Demander, that is all you get ..... for NOW. But enjoy it while you can. And while I have you're attention, don't forget to tell me what the definition of Gynormous is.

Cuz frankly this is just way to gynormously entertaining for our own good.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blogging Again Just for You!

"JJ said...

I think you have a little bit of an attitude problem, missy."

The first time I heard someone call me missy was in grade 5. It was my teacher. I can't remember her name but in general nobody liked her. I went home and told my mom that she called me missy like it was some sort of swear word. It was like worse than someone calling me "crap".

Whoever this "Missy" was. She surely wasn't liked very much. In fact, I think that most people thought of her as a snotty smart ass.

I'm going to start calling client's Missy now. It's almost as bad as saying "Ma'am"....which pretty much means.......See You Next Tuesday!

So....JJ....I'll talk to you later Ma'am. :)

You ask and you shall re(i before e except after c)ceive!

You want blogs!? You got it!

I can go all day long posting blogs about crap just to make CERTAIN people happy.

You know you go all over-board with your demands and I can go all over board with sillyisms.

Now the funny part about that I ACTUALLY think you enjoyed those last two blogs....which were complete and totall CRAP. Mierda! Sheisse. Shit!

Speaking of we doing in that department everyONE?

I think I only have two faithful readers. Thank god. Cuz the last three blogs are crap and SOMEONE couldn't concentrate on my last blog before these last three blogs so I think I've gone down hill here.

I think the word of the day is CRAP.

Tomorrows word will be GYNORMOUS. People laugh at me when I say it like I made the damn word up or something. Nuh uh. Not true. It's in the dicksionary. Look it up. I dare you. No wait. STOP. Don't look it up. The object of the game is to GUESS what it means and the winner will get a "Ding Ding Ding".

Well folks. I gotta run. Remember to say the food prayer when you drop something on the ground and still want to eat it:

"God made dirt so it won't hurt!"

And then you are fine to chow down on that CRAP (word of the day) that you dropped and now put in your mouth.

I often like to scream out "Ten second rule!" as well. You know....for good measure and all.


Bye bye! This has all gone to CRAP (word of the day).

I don't give a CRAP! Because all these in them there blog, look .... well....crappy.

I am SO an expert.

Oh crap.

Something is Not RIGHT HERE!

Either the blog time is wrong or my computer is wrong. But it looks like we are two minutes off of reality.

let me think about that for a second.





No..........realistically, its more like a year and a half! Grrrr.

Thats two blogs against my will. .... do ya'll want to see Scary Me? Cuz it really is scarier than scary becky and scary joyce......

I'll let you think on that one....let me know if you want scary me to come out and play.


I'm protesting Joyce's demand for a new blog. So no blog for you! No no no! Now don't you dare look at the time this was posted. OK ! No blogggy doggy for you you you!


P.S. I think I had that same illness you had there joycee except mine lasted like 5 minutes and I was quickly relieved. God it sucks. So i feel for you.

P.S.S. I fooled you. There is no ps.s.s.s.s..s.s.! You thought wrong!

HAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa. With an H not a J. Fooled ya. Thought I was someone else didn't ya!?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Super Star

Don't ask why I named it Super Star. I was really just thinking about the Saturday Night Live skit where the chicky goes Super Star and sort of goes into a deep lunge with her hands up in the air like the top of a "Y". Ah well. That sort of came from nowhere considering all thats going on.

In all honesty, a lot of shit is going down, not so much with me as an individual but with people around me and somehow I end up getting affected by it. Doesn't life suck that way? I mean you could wake up in a fine mood but maybe the person at the check out counter at the store is having a bad day and as a result you start to feel crappy too. Really tho, this is more personal in that well, I know these people personally and so I of course personally get affected by the way they feel, the shit they have going on, or how they treat me as a result of it.

I'm going through a period of time where I've been thinking a lot about the past and the people in my past. Some of them are still around which is great and I'm surely thankful for. Some of them, not so much, or not at all and it's quite probable that I may never ever see or speak to them again in my life. Sometimes that's ok. I mean some people are asses or don't have anything valuable to contribute to your life so who gives a crap really. Others, you miss and in a way want to thank them for being who they were to you and who they are now because they in a sense molded who you are now and how you think.

I guess what I'm getting at is that when you move to a new place, there are very few people who can really know who you really are and how you really feel about things. For some people who are criminals escaping prosecution from their own country, I'm sure this is just perfect. But, for me, I find that it can be frustrating at times.

Sometimes they just assume shit. Or they say things like, "that's not the person I know you as", or they make a comment about themselves which is obviously a true reflection of how they feel about you. I hate it honestly. I hate it a lot. Because I think really, a lot of people don't actually even make the effort to get to know who you really are. What I mean is that, getting to know someone doesn't just include knowing the person from the day you met them. Or asking the person about their past and making assumptions as to how they were then and how that will make them how they are now. Do you get me?

There are a couple of people that I have met here who I think have touched on who I really am. The funny part is, I don't think these people even get that. And other people, who aren't even close to knowing you, think they know so much about you.

I remember one time when I was helping my friend Zed do a martial arts performance at some hosh posh actor/producer/writers party. My boyfriend at the time had coreographed the routine and it was sort of frustrating because Zed was trained in a different art than us and in a different way and wasn't really getting what we were trying to do. He was more into Karate and though I have serious respect for karate, it is not always practical. Anyhow, since it was Zed's little thing, we had to make him look like the star. So he was going to break one single board which is so super easy. I can't remember if we practiced or not ...oh yes I do now . We did. When it came to the board breaking part, I got into my stance and held the board out, locked my arms and wrists. Zed goes into some crazy dramatic breathing routine to sort of make it look like this was going to be super hard to do.

To break one board is easy. I'm telling you. But no, Mr. Karate had to go all crazy and hit the darn board as hard as possible. One piece flew out of my hand and spun and pierced into my nose. I was like "FUCK THAT HURT", but of course a) I'm a martial artist and i'm tough and b) this is a fricken preformance so pretend like it ain't no thing. So I go to pick up the piece that gave me a free nose ring and as I bend down I see blood gushing all over the place. I still pick up the board and hold the two in the air separately to show he had broken it and oh yippy wow. There is blood everywhere so I run behind this prop and the demo was done anyways so I stayed there until we could get towels to stop the blood and get me to a private room.

I had to go to the hospital to get it checked out and couldn't take an exam I had at school on Monday. But mostly I was just pissed at that Zed. I know it wasn't his fault but the idiot didn't need to do that. And we told him not to do it like that. But he had never broken boards before and was scared of looking like a dumbass. But look, he ended up looking like a dumbass anyways and I ended up a bleeding mess.

Anyhow, Zed felt like shit and he was trying to call me and wanted to give me gifts and shit. I just wasnt in to it. I needed my space, I needed to calm down and feel better. I didn't even have to tell my boyfriend any of this, but he called Zed up on his own and told him to back off and to just give me space. It was at that moment that I knew that boyfriend of mine knew me and knew me well. I know it's just totally stupid but sometimes its those stupid moments that you know people not only know you but care about you.

In the end Zed couldn't control himself and bought me some gifts and stuff. I never hated him for it. I just hate him for not listening to us. Those Karate guys think they know everything.

Anyhow. This has gone on longer than I had wanted but I had to say that when I went home after the hurricane and my head was kind of messed up. My good friend Mana said to me, "What happened to my Liz?". It was at that moment that I knew she knew me for me. The real me. And although it broke my heart that she had to see someone she didn't know, it made me realize that I there are actually people out there that get it without you having to tell them.

The boyfriend that I did the demo with, I don't talk to anymore. He told me if we ever broke up that he couldn't be friends with me cuz it would hurt too much. I understand that and still love him. I know he has gotten married and moved on but I hope he still knows who I am. I know Mana does, and I know several others back home do too. That stick-a-boob and kitt kat. So thank you for knowing me. The real me.

And for those of you who are in my life now, some of you don't know it but you truly do know me and have made the effort to know me and I appreciate that and I know it deep in my heart.

So thank you.

To all you others....

It's ok. Your still a part of my life and I still consider you Super Stars!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I feel sneezy

NOTE: Today is run-on sentence day. Take deep breaths.

So I've got some sort of stupid cold where all I do is sneeze and blow my nose and feel congested and lovely. Anyone will tell you it's from going to and from extreme temperatures such as cold air conditioned areas to the hot oven that we like to call "outside" and back and forth. I don't care what caused it, I just want to know what's going to get rid of it!? Took them advil cold and sinuses which are good but I don't think they solve the problem. Did the vitamin C. Honestly, I think I need a good nights sleep.

Because maybe you can tell me something I don't know. Like why someone wouldn't call someone to fix something that is obviously broken. I mean really now. If your damn a/c isn't working and is making all sorts of crazy noises and dripping water and chopping up chunks of ice making all sorts of shrilling sounds.........WOULDN'T YOU CALL SOMEONE? (Sorry for the run-on sentence. No one will know if you took a breath in beTW (becky the spell checker)een punctuation.) I would think that I would call someone. Especially since it has been like .... several friggen months? But no. Some idiots just won't. Instead, the fault is mine. Because for some reason, only when I spend the night does it do this. For some reason, it is only my fault and really, it's not because the fucking thing is broken.

So yeah I need to sleep.

I think I got a tan on the weekend. I even had some fun hanging with that JJ at lunch on Friday and then on Friday night. I drank and I drank and I drank and I kept wondering why I was still standing. So I drank more and more and more. I even sang some Karaoke (well I ran in and out and sang a little here and there). I sang Del Shannon's, Runaway. Run Run Run Run Run Runaway! What the hell is that all about? Lets google it and find out more. Ok so it appears the song is from the 60's. I was born in the late 70's. WHY OH WHY would I know this song? OK! I'll tell you. When I was a young child, I finally got a tape recorder and I wanted to buy a tape. So I was at some store and I only had a certain amount of money and I think it was in the 5 dollar rack or something. It looked like the only decent tape so I got it. And I actually really liked it. And for some dumb ass reason.......when I think of what to sing at Karaoke....thats what pops into my head. Here is a link to view a clip and see the song by DEL SHANNON ~ RUNAWAY. It's fun fun fun! Just like that Iguana.

So anyways. I'm oh so very happy that that JJ is in town and it is kind of annoying me that she's going to leave. I know she doesn't want to but she is being all rational and logical about it which totally sucks. I know she is right but I'm hoping that there will be some sort of miracle or something. Maybe, just maybe that whole thing with the tens will be correct. Or maybe she'll just be here the tenth of some month. Or maybe this will just be the tenth time that I'm saying this shit.

I'm sure there is much more that I can tell you but at this time....I'm not sure that I can remember anything or feel like typing anything. It's almost time to go you know and as I said, I feel like crapola.

So.... "wishing you were here by me"......"why why why why why".....I'm a run run run run running away!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Going about it but without feeling

I suppose it has been a few days since I've blogged. It was a long weekend for me which was actually nice. I think I could accept life a little better if we only worked for 4 days a week. Actually, I personally think 3 is more acceptable. Maybe in the near future I'll get lucky!

Have you ever had a period of time (or maybe its like this all the time or never), when your alarm clock goes off in the morning and you are like so unenthused by having to get up and take on the day? I've kind of been feeling blah and annoyed by a lot of things lately. I guess its just one of those "times". I've felt like this before but far worse. Like back home when its November or December and its cold outside and dark and you have to get up to go to work and then you come home and its cold and dark again. It's really not like that here which is why I probably feel better about it. But really tho. It's a sucky feeling. I mean you want to get up and enjoy the day don't you? Yeah Right! "Did you read the contract? It looks like your broker didn't explain things to you properly. Actually, no, you can't have your lifetime savings back right this second. If you are lucky you will be contacted and possibly get half of your money back!"

So anyways. Off of the negative portion of my post! JJ is coming to visit and SS should be back from Hawaii. Hope she had a good time! And hope that JJ has a good time here. And I hope she didn't forget the all important koolaid!

On the weekend I did stuff. I'm trying to remember what it was that I did so that I can tell you. Give me a second here.

I went to the gym, to Costco, oh to the beach one day, to the hotel one day and ran some errands here and there. No major partying went on like I wanted. I suppose thats also because I didn't want to waste an entire day feeling like crap and being hung over. ESPECIALLY when it's a nice day out and all.

Oh. A nice little event happened with the tag team destroyers. I am guessing that Moco pulled my MP3 player out of my backpack somehow and that Diesel snatched it up and decided to chew on the rubber casing for it. He also chewed the little rubber plug cover so that water and other crap doesn't get in it. :) Guess what? I live in Mexico. It is not easy to replace these kinds of things. (I forgot to mention that at a previous time, the doggy also chewed the leather part of my armband off). So needless to say, I spazzed out like a psycho. The poor puppy had a poop incident which prompted me to apologize and be a good owner right away. So anyways, I taped up the stupid rubber casing which is both a clip for the arm band and the waist band. (I don't look stylish at all) I am going to have to order the arm band and case online. Luckily, someone I know travels to and from the US on a regular basis so I am able to send it to their house and have them bring it down for me. So much for that great price I got my MP3 player for and all those great accessories. Did I also mention that in the same week someone knocked over two George Michael cd's and someone else chewed them to bits. Is this the same dog that won't eat dog food but will eat plastic, rubber, paper and stuffed toys without thinking...."hmmmm, mommy is going to get really really mad at at me if I do this! Maybe I should eat REAL food?" For the record, I have like 5 different dog foods at home in addition to various snacks and human food that I cooked FOR the puppy that he turns his nose up at.

These are not my dogs, but throw in a cat or two with a chihauhua and I often come home ot the same thing sometimes. I know it's not funny, but I actually laughed at this picture because you can see that the dogs are surely proud of themselves!

I also found this picture which I think will solve half of my problem if it were to become reality:

Oh deary dear. Maybe I should go find that idiot guy from the gym and beat him up for some pleasure. (He seriously needs to step up on the fashion tip) OH! That reminds me. Guess who called me while I was at the gym last night.

Guess. Come on. Guess real hard.

I know you guessed right cuz you know how much it has been bothering me. FREAKING KICKBOXING INSTRUCTOR! Back off. I said I would come back when it's not so hot out. It's still hot out. AND I'm busy and I've spent a lot of money lately and I need you to back off cuz it's creeping me out.

Lordy. No wonder I feel the way I do!

Friday, September 01, 2006

DUMBells in the Gym!

This is one of those moments when someone does something to piss you off in the gym but you don't just get pissed off and not do or say something about it, you actually react to it.

So I'm doing two exercises by the free weights in front of the mirrior. I am doing 15 lb bicep curls and 35 lb plie squats. I'm alternating. I took the 15 lb dumbells from right in front of me. There are two spaces there for them. The spaces are labled 15 lbs so that you know where to put them back.

So some dumbfuck (one whom I might add who's been bugging me for a while now as he stares at me all the time) takes a 25 lb dumbell as I'm doing my squats and puts them in one of the 15 lb spaces. I tell him in Spanish, "Not there!". He doesn't hear me so again, I'm like "You can't put that there!". So I'm still holding my 35 lb weight between my legs and he looks up and down the rack like an idiot asshole and goes, "Well where do I put it?" and leaves it on the 15 lb slot. He had this idiot loser look on his face that I was about to slap off with the 25 lb weight in my hand.

This is where instant bitch woman reactor comes into play.

I drob my 35 lb weight, pick up his 25 lb weight with one hand and drop it on the floor and go back and pick up my weight and continue my squats.

I don't know what came over me but I was mad. Real mad. I was more mad that he acted like a stupid idiot and couldn't walk to the appropriate rack to put back his measley 25 lb weight. I mean come on. Be a man, not a pee you es es why.

I guess he realized I meant business and picked it up and found the right spot for it.

Maybe I'm nuts, but when I go to put back my 15 lb weights, I want to put them back where I got them from asswipe and not have to clean up the gym on your behalf.

We both know I lift more than him anyways so if he was thinking of throwing down I was MORE than ready to recognize.

I haven't been going to kickboxing because a) the gym has no a/c and basically its way too hot out and b) the kickboxing teacher is creeping me out by begging me to come back and keeps calling me and messaging me. So as a result, my violent tendencies are increasing drastically. So the more pissing me off stuff that goes on, the more moments like these that will occur.

Also, since we are on the subject of piss me off moments. What is it with people are driving and cut you off and then either a) ignore you, b) get pissed that you finger them appropriately or c) LAUGH.

I'm going to jail one day. I can just see it.