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Sunday, September 24, 2006

You ask and you shall re(i before e except after c)ceive!

You want blogs!? You got it!

I can go all day long posting blogs about crap just to make CERTAIN people happy.

You know you go all over-board with your demands and I can go all over board with sillyisms.

Now the funny part about that I ACTUALLY think you enjoyed those last two blogs....which were complete and totall CRAP. Mierda! Sheisse. Shit!

Speaking of we doing in that department everyONE?

I think I only have two faithful readers. Thank god. Cuz the last three blogs are crap and SOMEONE couldn't concentrate on my last blog before these last three blogs so I think I've gone down hill here.

I think the word of the day is CRAP.

Tomorrows word will be GYNORMOUS. People laugh at me when I say it like I made the damn word up or something. Nuh uh. Not true. It's in the dicksionary. Look it up. I dare you. No wait. STOP. Don't look it up. The object of the game is to GUESS what it means and the winner will get a "Ding Ding Ding".

Well folks. I gotta run. Remember to say the food prayer when you drop something on the ground and still want to eat it:

"God made dirt so it won't hurt!"

And then you are fine to chow down on that CRAP (word of the day) that you dropped and now put in your mouth.

I often like to scream out "Ten second rule!" as well. You know....for good measure and all.


Bye bye! This has all gone to CRAP (word of the day).

I don't give a CRAP! Because all these in them there blog, look .... well....crappy.

I am SO an expert.

Oh crap.


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