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Friday, September 01, 2006

DUMBells in the Gym!

This is one of those moments when someone does something to piss you off in the gym but you don't just get pissed off and not do or say something about it, you actually react to it.

So I'm doing two exercises by the free weights in front of the mirrior. I am doing 15 lb bicep curls and 35 lb plie squats. I'm alternating. I took the 15 lb dumbells from right in front of me. There are two spaces there for them. The spaces are labled 15 lbs so that you know where to put them back.

So some dumbfuck (one whom I might add who's been bugging me for a while now as he stares at me all the time) takes a 25 lb dumbell as I'm doing my squats and puts them in one of the 15 lb spaces. I tell him in Spanish, "Not there!". He doesn't hear me so again, I'm like "You can't put that there!". So I'm still holding my 35 lb weight between my legs and he looks up and down the rack like an idiot asshole and goes, "Well where do I put it?" and leaves it on the 15 lb slot. He had this idiot loser look on his face that I was about to slap off with the 25 lb weight in my hand.

This is where instant bitch woman reactor comes into play.

I drob my 35 lb weight, pick up his 25 lb weight with one hand and drop it on the floor and go back and pick up my weight and continue my squats.

I don't know what came over me but I was mad. Real mad. I was more mad that he acted like a stupid idiot and couldn't walk to the appropriate rack to put back his measley 25 lb weight. I mean come on. Be a man, not a pee you es es why.

I guess he realized I meant business and picked it up and found the right spot for it.

Maybe I'm nuts, but when I go to put back my 15 lb weights, I want to put them back where I got them from asswipe and not have to clean up the gym on your behalf.

We both know I lift more than him anyways so if he was thinking of throwing down I was MORE than ready to recognize.

I haven't been going to kickboxing because a) the gym has no a/c and basically its way too hot out and b) the kickboxing teacher is creeping me out by begging me to come back and keeps calling me and messaging me. So as a result, my violent tendencies are increasing drastically. So the more pissing me off stuff that goes on, the more moments like these that will occur.

Also, since we are on the subject of piss me off moments. What is it with people are driving and cut you off and then either a) ignore you, b) get pissed that you finger them appropriately or c) LAUGH.

I'm going to jail one day. I can just see it.


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