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Monday, August 21, 2006

New Format!

Ok I changed the format. I figured the other one was drab. What do we think about this one?

I forgot to mention my neighbour. He introduced me to his "girlfriend" who flew back home to Columbia or something about 3 weeks ago.

Anyhow, in passing he kept mentioning a "friend" from Canada. And where is it I was from in Canada and blah blah. No offense, but my life isn't better or worse because you have a "friend" from Canada. So it doesn't matter. She could be from India and I actually would probably find it more exciting.

So anyhow. Last night I rushed out of the apartment and was in a bit of a bad mood and they were coming in. I think he was kinda shocked and embarrassed that I am now seeing him with this other woman. I just wanted to say hi and get the F^&* out of there but he apparently had to let me know that this was the Canadian woman he was talking about.

I was like yeah yeah ok nice to meet you. I tried to be polite and just wanted to exit but she like wanted to get to know me. Again, I was annoyed, I was dressed super casual and she was all dolled up with her perfume and jewlery and I just couldn't be bothered. She announced that she just got back from a trip to Canada and I'm like .... yeah well good for you? I don't know this chick and I don't really care. And she was all asking me how long I've been here and how do I like it. She apparently lives in Playa and my guess is that she hasn't been here that long. I hate the question, "How do you like living here?". I mean, for one, in this instance, I am like LEAVING TO GO SOMEWHERE and frankly the answer is not so short. I guess she wanted to be my friend cuz she's Canadian, but get this, that doesn't make us instant amigas alright? Which like I said, leads me to believe she hasn't been here long. Because when I first moved here, I was all about being overly friendly and nice to people. Now I'm over it.

Anyhow, the whole situation was just odd to me. Maybe I'm just being a total bitch about it but dang. Good for you neighbour. Good for you that your screwing someone else and that you are most likely cheating on your girlfriend and good for you that this new chick is all so super excited to meet me and be there with you.

Like I said. It was odd, and if I'm literally running out .... it means I have somewhere to go and don't want to chit chat with people I don't know.

Over and out!


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