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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My laptop might blow up!

So I totally forgot to tell you with all my car bullshit going on that my laptop might blow. Yeah it's one of those ones from Dell where the battery could catch on fire and god forbid you fart at the same time, there might be a serious explosion!

So anyways, I filled out the online form and we'll see if they send the battery to Mexico, even tho it was purchased in Canada.

Ok I just got the final total for my car. Lets just say I'm not super freakin happy about it. In fact I am feeling kind of shitty about it. Oh well.

I suppose I should stop bitching about money. But I just bought a washer dryer thats not even installed, I have to pay for my car, I just paid rent and now my gym membership is due. ANYTHING ELSE?


Ok change of subject.

I have just recently gotten in contact with a cousin of mine through messenger which is totally cool. So if you are reading Mark, nice to have you on board! But if you are about to read the following paragraph, sorry man. You'll either think its funny, or that I'm just disgusting. Either way, this is my blog so too bad. LOL!

They need to do something about the toilet for our offices because frankly, the spinning around thing without going isn't working so well. I have better things to do with my time than stand in the bathroom for a half hour while the toilet fills and then all it does is mix stuff up. So basically I am writing this because I was one of those people who had to leave poop in the toilet. So I did. And I'm sure everyone knows it was me. And everyone in my office knows cuz I had to announce it. Anyways. It was good poop but it would have been nice if it went down the damn drain! Argh!

(sorry if that grossed you out. but if you don't fart or poop or pee, then there is sumpin wrong whichya)

I think I need to pull some cards. So you wait just a few minutes there ok while I pull and read.

Past: Eight of Coins -
Present: The Hanged Man - (no shit!)
Future: Two of Coins - (hmm. not much of a change)
I'm going to do a oner now just for fun:
In case you didn't know already, I am a bruja. I have a beautiful deck of tarot cards called Golden Tarot which can be found on the links above. I got mine from Amazon and a good friend brought them down for me. I was super excited to open them up because they are very royal and the pictures.....I see them in 3D! No shitting. Anyhow from time to time its fun to do a simple spread, look up the meanings, get friends to pull and all that. I still have lots to learn really but its fun. It's a distractions from reality.
If you want me to do a virtual reading for you I certainly will. Just let me know!
OK. I'm outty.


  • At 8:53 AM, August 17, 2006, Blogger JJ said…

    BRUJA! I think I need some cards pulled. Not sure why but maybe you can tell me. Purty please?


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