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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Car Woes Continue

So it appears the whole car thing has turned out to be bigger than I wanted it to be and I have to drop some major coin on it which is totally a sucky f'n deal if you ask me. The only good news is that my car will be working better and that the bf gave me some funds to help me pay for it. I mean I have the money but then I won't have much after. So rather than having him sit there and listen to me bitch about it, he helps out so that I am forced to shut up. Because i have that bitching nagging problem and I can just go on and on and on and on and work myself up about it. I think I learned that from my mother. Thanks mom! (Also thanks to mom, I must make sure that the toothpaste tube is not all mushed in the middle. Must be neatly squeezed to one end and if you want, you can put a clip on it after you roll it all up nice. Now, never fear. That piece of lint on your shoulder is guaranteed to disappear if I am around, or mom, or my brother for that matter. Oh and don't forget, your eyebrow hairs must be lined up all nicely. But if they aren't, I will lick my finger and fix that for you too. THANKS FOR MAKING ME NEUROTIC!)

I was just bitching to my mom today about the fact that it seems like I'm not getting anywhere because I keep putting money into my RRSP's. She says I will be thankful later in life that I did that and I think she is right to a point. Wouldn't it be nice to have that money to buy a house versus paying rent? And then once I own the house or apartment or garage or palapa hut, I could save for my retirement. I don't know. Maybe I have this all wrong. Or is it alright? Maybe I should have bought a lease....hmmmmm?

It also doesn't help that when I go to Vancouver I drop some major coin. I mean the flight is bad enough but what is worse is my super duper shopping spree. I mean you'd think I'm rich. If I can spend $450 at Walmart on my first day of shopping, you can tell I have some sort of a problem. But the truth of the matter is, I don't really go shopping the entire rest of the year. I'll buy some things here and there. But because I make the assumption that you can't buy anything here, it solves the "ooooohhhh i want that" issue because.... if I assume that you can't buy anything here, why the hell would I waste my time out looking?

I suppose I save some money because I don't smoke, only drink when I go out, and I also don't like nor buy coffee. But I do go to the gym and have 3 animals that I have to take care of. So maybe I'm not really coming out ahead.

You know I actually looked up on the internet if it was a big deal that my dog ate the cat food. Because he is super skinny and is not interested in his own damn food so he eats the cat food. So if he is eating some cat food, I can get a little sleep at night you know? So anyways, they say dog food is for dogs and cat food is for cats, but whats really bad is if your cats eat the dogfood and not their own food ever. Since I give Diesel other crap in addition to the cat food, I think he might be alright. I can't spend a million dollars trying all the different types of dog food that I KNOW he has no interest in. So cat food it is for now my friends. And just so you know, I am an owner rebel, and the cats sometimes have a little dog food here and there. But they eat their cat food regularly and steal Diesels chewy food sometimes. Am I bad mama or a good one since I had the stupidity to write about it in this blog?

I made a salad today for lunch and actually forgot to put in some sort of protein. What a dope I am. Finished the salad before I was like, um.... did I miss something?

The washer/dryer was delivered and I gave the tip and beers like I promised. I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear if I actually did offer them beer! This is Mexico! Of course I did!

So I have to go to the ferreteria (no you don't go there for ferrits) to get a longer connection for the hot and cold water. Then I have to get the gas hook-up taken care of. Pray tell when I will do that since I have car issues and must hit the gym? Oh busy girl busy girl, why are you busy.... (I was actually singing the smelly cat song when I typed that).

Ok. I've rambled enough. But this time.... I remembered to say



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