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Thursday, July 27, 2006


So here's the deal. Some stuff is difficult if not impossible to get here in Mexico. If you find some sort of snacks in walmart that are imported, you better buy every single one on that shelf because they probably won't be getting in a shipment any time soon, or EVER again.

Then there are those crazy things you like but really can't explain why. They are those types of things that you tell your friends to bring you when they come visit. They make you happy. Do you NEED them? No. Of course not. Can you live without them? Well obviously or I wouldn't be living here. I just like them. They make me feel good.

So I'm chillin in Sam's and I come across ONE single jar of Sauerkraut! We almost always had sauerkraut in our fridge when I grew up. I'm not sure why but it was there. And I ate it and enjoyed it. I remembered going to the PNE as a kid and having those sausage dogs with sauerkraut on them in the food tent. Loved that.

There was no price on the jar. But guess what. I grabbed that jar and felt like hiding it under my portobello mushrooms. Sauerkraut is gold now.

I still don't know how much that saurkraut costs. All I know is that it tastes good and I'm glad I have it.

Now, if I'm not screwed in the head because of this....then I don't know what else to think.

PS The neighbour moved the car without me having to ask them to do this. So therefore. No picture! Sowy.


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