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Monday, July 24, 2006

Leftover Hangover

Ok so I think I have a left-over hangover from yesterday. This is possible yes?

I'm not so sure I like the all you can drink option at clubs here in Mexico. The drinks OFTEN taste like crud, never usually taste like your normal drink and you just KNOW they have tampered with either the alcohol or the ice. My boyfriend was telling me that they put *insert word which i cannot remember here* in the ice. Which is why its best to buy a bottle. But here is also where there are issues. Sometimes they make you pay some dumb cover, and then they make you pay 50 times more what the bottle costs at Walmart and then they make you pay extra for mixers and THEN you have to tip. I mean if i had a lot of money I guess I wouldn't give two craps. But right now I am working on being rich and it hasn't yet happened. So I guess I have to drink crap until then or stay home and be bored...or wait....maybe I should stay home and work on being rich?

Yeahhhh 1000 peso bills....bring em on! I need me some of those!


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