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Friday, July 21, 2006

Second Post....and in the same day!

It seems we are all blessed by the fact that I am posting twice in one day. How special is that?

Really, its not that special at all, but I've checked all that I can check, and I've browsed all that I feel like browsing. And here I sit at 11:01 PM on a Friday night kind of bored and unsure of what it is I should do. I know I'm tired but not feeling too sleepy and I don't feel like doing anything too serious. So lucky you. You are reading this when really its not exciting in the slightest.

I gave in and had McD's for dinner. Too lazy to do anything and frankly I screwed up the entire day by eating cheatos and good cheesy garlic bread so why not go down without a fight?

My puppy dog is not eating but don't worry, he is actively humping his conejo, teddy or doggy, whatever you want to call it. The vet says don't worry, he's horny and I suppose I needed to pay 355 pesos to find that out....when its CLEAR he loves humping his teddy.

My neighbour downstairs has this new girlfriend and they never do anything separately and frankly it makes me barf. What also makes me barf (but in a different sort of way), is the fact that he is Mr. Gate Police and constantly questioning me because I leave the gate open for like one minute while after letting the pup out to pee, I run upstairs to grab my purse and head out. Look buddy, your girlfriend is not exactly a ten (btw, neither are you) and you should move the extra car (thats YOURS) that's parked on the side of the apartment building because frankly, you are parked on those little trees that my puppy likes to pee on and its disrupting our lives.

So no kidding tho, I think this blog has digressed. Yeahhhh digression!


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