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Friday, July 21, 2006

First Post Guey!

Ok I suppose I should start this somehow. Perhaps I should have some sort of GRAND entrance. Or perhaps I should just get into it. YEAHHHH INTO IT!!!

Ok, so me and my co-workers have bonded. We have inside jokes and stupid crap that we like to joke about .... shout about....sing about. We can be quite a preeverted bunch really and its all good cuz the job is stressful and we have to deal with a lot of really dumb mean people.

We had cheetos, donuts, cake and italian today. Now we all want to go home and pass out. YEAHH PASS OUT!

So you'd think that after eating all that crap and yummy bread that I'd be gettin my booty to the gym. But I'm not. It's friday and I've already been four times so keep your comments to yourself about how big my booty is. YEAHHH BOOTY (singing).

I just hope my car, which is parked diagonally on a corner, is still there, and not smashed up. The joys of living in Mexico....park whereeeever the heck you like. It won't get towed. You might have a license plate missin, but it only costs about 15 bucks to get it back from transito and frankly, since parking is mostly free here....its a deal and a half.

Over and out peeps.

I'm sayin!

PS. A shout out to that girl in my offices who's b-day it is. YEAHH BDAYYYYY we sang and you loved it!


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