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Monday, July 31, 2006

"Que es, Screw YOU!?"

So I think I'm a little behind on this but who cares. Sometimes something thats suppose to be enjoyable can also be interpreted as work. Kind of like, taking a shower. For me, with my thick long hair, it can be a drama and a half....and it doesn't just end with the shower. Cuz it takes ten years for my hair to dry. Anyhow. Talk about getting side tracked.

So after I blogged my lame blog on Friday, a girl from across the hall at work came into our office to ask us if we spoke Spanish. After we all said yes, (my Spanish is seasonal, sometimes it works great and other times it doesn't) she asked, "Que es, Screw You!?". To which our response was, well who the hell said that to you!

It turned out it was a boy....doh! But her face!.... Her reaction when we explained to her what it meant was a typical "I am going to kill you with my evil looks" face. Cleary, this boy has no class. Apparently she didn't want to go out with him and he got all clusterfucked and ended up saying "screw you". Because you know, "screw you" is a seriously adult like technical response that I think all intelligent people use when they are frustrated.

I like saying "screw you" myself, but usually, I do it to friends as a joke. Because lets not kid ourselves, "screw you" sounds kinda funny. And "screw you" is not meant to convince someone that you want them to like you. Now if you really wanted them to take a hike, is "F*** YOU!" more appropriate? I thought so myself.

So anyways, the sauerkraut is gone. I guess its ok though. Its not like I ate a loaf of bread or a whole box of donuts. Hell, the next time there is more saurkraut in Sam's (that will probably be next year), I am going to buy me some more.

So what did I do this weekend? I took a nap for like two hours and really liked that. I went to the beach with the bf and Diesel. He loves the beach (Diesel) Ja! I also did a little salsa dancing which was fun cuz it's been a while. I've decided I only like to dance with certain people with certain styles and it really bothers me that people just make up new ways to dance salsa, when really, .... hello, you can't like change how you ride a bike. There is just a certain way it should be done.

Yesterday was Subway day. Love the subway. It was also stress me out and drive me all around town because of a stupid wireless keyboard and mouse all day. So in the end, I have to take them back. Because my computer is just too advanced for them. So that whole bundle of stress and waste of gas and dealing with a bunch of incompetent people was so much fun.

Off topic, but still on, but I missed putting it in where I should have, I also went to the gym! Yeah gym!

Ok so back at work today. Yeahhhh work. Yeahhhh stupid clients! Yeahhhh stupid brokers!

I didn't proofread this so basically, if there are errors, just deal with it. Just figure it out. I have faith in you.


  • At 5:36 PM, August 02, 2006, Anonymous Bell sister said…

    I agree that F**k You is more appropriate for than Screw You. Screw you is like saying Poop instead of Shit... really doesn't carry the same weight. I do appreciate a well placed "kid swear-word" with friends; however, as in don't be such a doody head!
    Regarding the Mexican girl that was told to get screwed(basically)are we sure she had the context of the coment right? I mean maybe the was sayin' "Hey baby I'd really like to..." Not that I would ever defend men, but just a thought!

  • At 11:19 AM, August 03, 2006, Blogger Mexico Way said…

    No, he didn't say it in a "hey baby I want to be affectionate and use the word screw you in a completely inappropriate way". She said he called her and asked her to go somewhere and she said no, and he kept calling and she didn't answer. So he got frustrated and said "SCREW YOU".



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