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Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Stuff

Ok so I think this will be fairly boring or it could be me ranting and raving. We'll see how it ends up.

I just hung up with an asshole client. You think? Right off the bat, first thing Monday morning he starts bitching about wanting to talk to Becky or a manager. He is just bitching about this and that and for all I know he is making crap up about Becky not calling him back about a problem. So anyhow, his mom died and her lease was split in 3. I think what he is pissed off about is that he was not the only beneficiary and he thinks that $100,000 is missing. No you dope head, you are not the only person on this planet and not the only beneficiary and that's why there is money that's "missing". Anyhow. He was a royal asshole and you know, I don't need, that sort of negativity first thing on a Monday morning. So you know what? The next time you want to piss in someone's cornflakes on a Monday morning, think twice. Because I gots the voodoo (JJ says I do) and I will put some shit on yo ass!

Ok. I feel better now.

So back to the weekend. I went to see that movie Miami Vice and well I didn't like it so much. I was just waiting for it to end really. Plus it was freezing freezing freezing in the theatre and I was trying to use my hair as a sweater.

The next morning I went to the gym and then came home and cleaned the apartment which was good because it needed a serious sweep and mop. It's still dirty here and there really but much better than before which is nice. I then met una amiga at the Blockbusters with Diesel in tow and then went over to the amigas where I ended up mooching a healthy meal off her because she is dieting. It was yumola anyhow and I was very grateful for the comida. We then proceeded to watch a movie she rented to which I fell in and out of consciousness. I was tired ok so don't give me crap.

Anyhow, so later I went home and watched my own movie and had almond M&M's. Can I just say that the peanut ones are the bomb. But the almond ones....they are killer. So good. And I don't even feel like I'm eating crap cuz basically sometimes its like so necessary to eat chocloate. And almonds are kick ass good for you (in small quantities) and it was a small package so its all good.

The bf went to a b-day party and when he got done at 2am or so he picked me up and we went over to his place. He had chinese cuz he was drinking beforehand and thus had some serious munchies. He kept giggling and it was rather hilarious to watch. Before you know it he was snoring away and I was grateful that he only snored on occasion and not all the time.

Yesterdays we went to a hotel to lounge in and it was nice to be around a pool that you could relax in. The food was good and even the iguana who snuck up on me thought so. We made buddies with him and hand fed him fajita meat, green peppers, onions and tortillas.

Some dick across the pool made it a point to shoo them away from him. Talk about a pussy man without balls. I was prepared to shoo him away beacase basically, I was grateful the iguana let me hang out in his territory.

So I guess the food was only good to a point because I had to run to the washrooms and then when we got home I was super glad to be in my washroom there as well.

Living here has constant stomach up and downs. It is important to keep Yakult and Pepto Bismol on hand at all times. (note to self, go to the walmarts and stock up)

"I'd like to check the status of my lease."

How about you ask a more particular question ok asswipe?

Ok that was a total terrets syndrome spazz right there.

So anyways. I found a tick in Diesel's ear and had to yank that mo fo out. You know, I never had to deal with those back in Vancity. So it totally stresses me out that there are these crazy bugs who just attach themselves to you, and if you don't notice it, they will just suck the life out of you. Leaches do that and I am familiar with them so its not as crazy to me but leaches are used for medical purposes too so that makes them sort of ok. Anyhow. I flushed the tick down the toilet. Is that proper burial?

Moco is a pain in the culo. She is way too smart and knows how to open the closets which I don't get because sometimes I can't even open them. Anyhow she gets right in there and finds clothes and socks and drags them all over town. Thanks Moco!

This blog has gone on long enough. So I am going to sign out now. I have things to do. I must be productive.



  • At 4:49 PM, August 07, 2006, Anonymous Bell sister said…

    The tick toilet flush burial is more than appropriate- especially if you hummed or something. I personally prefer the funeral pyre but hey I'm a masochist! & BTW leeches eeewwwwww!!


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