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Monday, August 21, 2006

Las Cosas de la Vida!

So before I even begin, let me first say that John John OWES me a comment. Since I am trying to enhance my bruja skills and all, and he is a test subject, I require the test subject to let me know how the reading went, and if possible, go into a couple of details here and there. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get pretty good at this and I will have so many darn requests that I won't know what to do with myself!

As it stands now, I have made it a pact to do a reading for SS, Janie and they have either directly or indirectly requested I do one for them. They will only be 3 card readings with the "oner". I do have a full time job, go to they gym, take care of my 3 little pets and have little free time (except for this stupid weekend) so its often hard to fit in this blog let alone readings. However, I do enjoy doing the readings and I do enjoy the reactions. Not to mention, like I said, I have to exercise the bruja skills as they won't just exercise themselves.

Dumb me forgot the cards at home which pretty much means that no readings were meant to be for this morning anyways.

So yeah. I was so looking forward to the weekend but I must say that I am glad it has passed. It was probably the most boring, unmotivationally depressing weekend in a while. I don't know what my problem was. The washer/dryer did get hooked up by the BF. If he knew he could do it, I wish he would have saved me the grief of calling several companies and having them poop out on me. What is it with men and house chores? Jeesh. So anyways, dumb me, I was so concerned about the water and gas hookup that I forgot that the damn thing drains water and that the connection for that is not long enough. So I had the water drain into buckets which really is not that bad except if you like walk away and completely forget about it.

I ended up washing the floors even tho it wasn't part of my master plan.

I forgot to's obvious the BF was trying to avoid doing the hookup for me, but when he finished it and everything was working, he surely was super proud of himself.

I also went to Chedraui and folks, thats about it! Boring boring boring. Slept on Sunday for a few hours. Not much else. There is plenty I could have worked on with regard to the computer and stuff like that but alas, I preferred to search for point and click games, chat and check stats on this and that. NO MOTIVATION.

Glad the weekend is over. Never thought I'd say that. But I felt like that near the end of my vacation and I kind of like having a schedule and an every day program. When it's thrown out of wack I get cranky and annoyed.

Ok. Laters!


  • At 9:53 AM, August 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok...i am a little worried that you took up half a blog on a washing machine. And that a WEEKEND was boring. Hum..seems to me you live in a hell of alot of alcohol..and that can never be boring. Welcome to my life..Oregon..well thats enough!
    Your reading was right on in the beginning...woke me up thats for looks like i had better be careful.

    PEACE OUT! John


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