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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Golden Tarot Card Reading

Since I have been requested to pull some cards for una amiga. I shall do so. And I shall do so here. This time, I am going to do what I'm suppose to do which is to try and interpret the cards myself by the way they make me feel and the images that jump out at me. Then we will put down the real meanings and which will prove that I'm a fake. :) Actually I am not a self proclaimed voodoo mama and I'm not accepting money, so if thats what you can take that and ^&(*)*%$* to the )*(&^&%()*^ of another brothers mother!

Ok. Cards shuffled. I'm going to talk to them now. So wait.

Ok. So this is what I pulled:

Past: Ten of Cups
Present: Ten of Wands
Future: Queen of Wands

Before I give my interpretation, first I want to say that there is a signifcance with the number 10. Which could mean something along the lines of: The tenth month, tenth day, or tenth hour, something significant shall happen. I am getting the feeling that this will be the 10th month as previously I had sensed that something would happen for this person before the end of the year. It looks like that will probably not happen but I don't know, the tens showed themself.

Ok. Here is what the cards look like:

Ok. So before I give my interpretation. I am totally annoyed by the first card but I think I get it now.

My interpretation of the past - TEN OF CUPS: This is your past. It could be rather recent or something that stems way into your past. I do however believe that with this reading, it is rather recent. My guess is that for some reason your family connections have been better. Everyone has been getting along and more appreciative of the other. Though you are not living together per se, you are definitely more close knit that previously and that this somehow has been beneficial to the way you feel and think about things.

My interpretation of the present - TEN OF WANDS: While being somewhat comfortable where you are and with what you are doing now your mind is somewhere else. You can see the fruits of your labor but never-the-less, it's still a chore. In the distance, across the water is a whole nother world, and even tho things on your side appear to be flowing nicely, that whole "the grass is greener on the otherside" still lingers on. There are benefits to both but ultimately you will always miss one side or the other no matter what side your on.

My interpretation of the future - QUEEN OF SWORDS: You are noble and someone people look up to for your strength and convictions. You hold a sense of personal power yet in a way in which people respect and admire. You find yourself in a position that makes you feel in control of yourself and there is a sense of calm within you and those around you.

I'm going to give you a oner now for generality:

My interpretation of the DEVIL card: YOU ARE THE DEVIL!

Now this is what the actual interpretations are:

Past - Ten of Cups: Total harmony achieved, familial bliss.
Celebration, peace and plenty. Contentment and domestic joy.

Present - Ten of Wands: Carrying a heavy load.
Take care not to take on more than you can handle. Spreading yourself too thin could lead to an emotional and spiritual low.

Future - Queen of Swords: A strong, independent woman.
A logical, calculating woman. Determined and ruthless in pursuit of her goals. She knows what she wants, and will do whatever is necessary to get it. Goal-oriented. Perceptive, intelligent and extremely quick-witted. Perhaps a woman with private griefs, a widow, one who has suffered losses. This card represents the zodiac sign of Virgo.

And the meaning of the Devil card: YOU ARE THE DEVIL!

Seriously tho. It means: YOU ARE THE DEVIL!

Time to confront your demons.
Hell is our own creation. We cannot move forward in our lives without facing that which torments us. The more we understand and face our fears, the less power they have over us. Fear of failure may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. Look back at all that you have weathered in the past to see that you have the strength to survive if things go wrong. This may help you to realise that it is worth taking risks in order to do what you think is right. This is a card of temptation and perhaps addiction. Depending upon where it appears in a spread, it could indicate a need for the subject to question their own motives. Are they following a path deliberately that could be destructive?

You know, thats not the first time I've pulled that card for you. Interesting....

So let me know how I did verus the book meanings k?


Love from the Bruja


  • At 9:07 PM, August 17, 2006, Blogger JJ said…

    I am SO not the devil! Quite the contrary. Thank you thank you for the cards. After some thought, I am getting it that I have some decisions to make - what do I really want, that kind of thing. You know how you know but you still need someone to show you?
    You are the best bruja EVER!

  • At 3:44 PM, August 18, 2006, Blogger Mexico Way said…

    I am glad I did good. Cuz if I didn't...that would make me a bad bruja!

  • At 5:55 PM, August 18, 2006, Blogger SS said…

    JJ is absolutely one of the women in my life who inspires me! Your interpretation of the last card couldn't be more on target as far as the way I regard JJ goes! She rules...even from a distance!

    On a personal note, there is so much bad juju hanging over my head I'm wondering if I shouldn't find someone to read my cards?! How do I do that?


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