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Friday, August 18, 2006

Card Reading for John John

Just for the record....I don't know John. I've never met John. Apparently he works with my amiga whom I just did a card reading for. Apparently I must have done a good job because not only does John want me to do his reading, but somehow my reading affected that Joycee in some sort of way.

I have already shuffled the cards for that John. I don't know why, but when I do a reading for someone else and I have to do the shuffling, I find my self shuffling more than I would for say myself. I do so until I think that the person sends me a sort of signal to stop at a certain point. For some reason John did not just want me to do the fan shuffle and leave it at that with the end card at the end on the top of the deck. He wanted me to take the top few and stick them in the middle. So I did that. Don't think he likes being on top or something. JAJAJAJAJA.

Ok. So then lets get started. We will do the same yesterday. I will give my interpretation and then you can (STOP SMOKING BECKY PLEASE!!!!) see what the book interpretation is. Ok here we go:

Note to self: Cards did not want to fan out but did have distinct separators. Not sure I like the 3rd card but we shall go ahead.


The first two cards are from the Major Arcana which leads me to believe that your past and your present have been and will significant factors in your life.

Past - The Sun: This card shows a young child on a horse wo appears blisful, content and happy as the sun shines. It is a card of a sort of inncence and peacefulness. Your recent past has been rather happy. You do however in this past time frame, wonder how long it will last as you ponder the future.

Present - Wheel of Fortune: Presently, things continue to the same sort of sentiment as the past.....however they aren't as innocent and not only focus on family bliss, but also the bliss of material things. This makes you happy but you aren't quite sure what you should do with all this "goodness". You'd like to take it to the max but I say, be careful about your choices. If you try to grasp too much gold at once you could find yourself with nothing. You could spin the wheel, and it could land where you don't want it to. If you have pets, pay more attention to them, and if you don't already, you might want to think about getting one, even if its a bird or gerbil. Pass on the fish.

Future - Nine of Swords: I didn't like this card and I don't know how to quite interpret it since it is drastically different from your past and present reading. I did warn you about the choices you are making presently and to be careful about them. I urge you again to do that. Because if not, you may find yourself depressed, without sleep, and with external factors making things worse for you.
Ok I'm going to pull a oner for you now which will be a generalization of things. Since I didn't like that last card, because lets face it, who wants to tell someone to watch their ass or negative shit will happen? So hopefully the oner will help smooth shit out.

Oner - King of Cups: YOU THINK YOUR SPECIAL DON'T YOU? Standing there looking all pretty with your oh so intricate garb, your golden cup, standing ashore viewing your peons and ships in the distance. YOU THINK YOUR PRETTY SPECIAL. Now make sure you are around for when "she" needs a spider removed from her office. Please remember to water her plants. Anyways, I figure that over all things will work out and you will be sitting pretty so don't fret too much. But just be careful. So if you are thinking of scamming someone, or not doing that good deed, or cheating or beating someone up. Think twice. Karma is a bitch.

Here are the book answers. Thank god. It sucks reading for someone you don't know. I think I flopped. I'm sure you'll let me know tho...

Past - The Sun: Make hay while the Sun shines.
This is a period of material and spiritual prosperity - make the most of it. Fruitfulness and bounty can be yours, but take care to keep stock for less fortunate times.

Present - Wheel of Fortune: What you lose on the swing you'll gain on the roundabout.
Life will always send us challenges and trials to overcome - you cannot have good without bad, or light without darkness. Do not dwell on misfortune, but look instead to future joys. The opportunity will arise for a fresh start, or the beginning of a new path or venture.

Future - Nine of Swords: Doubt, frustration and powerlessness.
There's no denying it - this card is bleak. Troubles and worries are weighing you down. Depression and pain are pulling you in a downward spiral. Illness or injury to someone close to you - frustration that there is nothing you can do to help. Things may get worse before they improve, but take care to keep perspective. There are always others who are worse off than yourself, and wallowing in self-pity won't help the situation. Possibly an association with a priest.
Oner - King of Cups: You think your pretty special don't you?
A warm, loving man who will give good counsel.
Intuitive, creative and gentle. This man does not need to portray a macho image as he is totally comfortable with both his masculine and feminine sides. He is enigmatic, with subtle strength - a quiet achiever. Spiritual satisfaction is more important to him than material success. He may also be a mediator, or a benevolent leader. This card represents the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Ok so after reading the book meanings, I'm begining to thing that I merged the sun and wheel of fortune together. Thats ok tho.

Well. I am done. Tell me how wrong I am.

~The Bruja!

(Who may no longer be a bruja after this)


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