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Monday, August 28, 2006

Tarot Card Reading for Janie!!!

Ok Janie. Here it goes. I hope I do well because I have had a busy day and have also found out that it is going to cost me another arm and a leg to fix my car. Fun stuff!!! We will go about this like I usually do with my interpretation first and then the book meanings, as well as pulling a "oner" for overall stuff.

Here we go with my reading:

Past - Six of Cups: This picture shows a young child and a woman in the garden spending time together. It is a beautiful day and it seems that whatever relationship this woman (that would be you!) has with this child is golden. They are both reaping what they sew and have a close bond. You have been enjoying your time with whomever this young child is and your past in this aspect has been pleasant because of your relationship with the youngin. Stay close and continue with this as it brings you peace and happiness.

Present - Five of Swords: Have you been working hard lately? It seems that you are managing to juggle whatever is thrown your way but you do so and feel exhausted by it. Those around you that have been thrown the same sorts of dilemmas haven't been able to keep up with you in the same way. If you have a dog or a hubby (same thing isn't it? LOL!) they stand by you with the strength that you need to carry on. This is only temporary (although it could happen again) so keep on with what you are doing. You know you have to get things done and you know it won't last forever.

Future - Knight of Coins: This is a rather noble card. You sit high on your horse and surprise surprise your faithful friend is with you once again. YOU LUCKY LADY! Whomever it is that is your backbone, (husband or dog) he is surely doing you well. It appears that in your near future, you have gotten over that busy tiring time (as discussed about with the Five of Swords in your present situation). You don't appear to have any monetary difficulties coming up and you know this, can relax a little and look forward to more pleasant times. By the way, kudos to you for not being appears that you want others around you to be happy and are giving and kind and not just with pretty frills and ruffles. You offer support and kindess which is why you are so well respected by those around you.

Ok now to pull the "oner". I've pulled the Eight of Wands for you. This picture depicts 8 wands flying through the air. If you travel often, it is surely clear with this card and is a sign of upcoming travel. You lucky bum! Enjoy but make sure you plan things accordingly.

Well lets take a look at the book reading. It's always interesting to see if I came close to the book reading or if the book reading adds something to my reading:

Past - Six of Cups: Remembrance of childhood joys. Innocence and faithful acceptance. Unquestioning and unconditional love. A yearning for simpler times and less responsibility. But beware of nostalgia - you cannot return to the past.

Present - Five of Swords: An unfair victory is as hollow as defeat. A failure or win against an unmatched opponent has left you demoralised. Trickery, manipulation and unfair tactics have been used either against or by you, but you must accept the outcome and move on.

Future - Knight of Coins: A slow, plodding but reliable man (woman in your case!). Someone who will stick with a project no matter how long it takes to complete it. Responsible, reliable and pragmatic. He is honourable and reliable, and keen to assist. Travel is likely.

And now....for the "oner", the Eight of Wands: Travel, a speedy journey.
Ideas swiftly made reality. Messages, news. This is a time for action, but take care - hasty decisions may be regretted.

There you go my dear. As per usual, let me know if the cards spoke to you in any way.

By the shuffle the cards funny!

~La Bruja!


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