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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kitty Pillow Naps

Notice how there is no room for me??? Yeah.... a king sized bed and 4 pillows IS NOT ENOUGH! And this doesn't even include Diesel!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Play Favorites

Heather has given us homework from the book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, blogger tips.

I just completely stole the entire first line of this blog from Kelly. Did you even notice it or can I continue to steal blogs from her and pass them off as my own?

Anyhoo...even though Heather gave us the homework it doesn't look like she will be handing it in on time. She's trying to blame it on the fact that she has no internets but COME ON! We NEVER EVER lose the internets in Mexico! Jeesh. What a slacker!

Ok, I drew page number 12 which is titled: Play Favorites

This is what it says:

There's nothing wrong with offering recommendations, but it's possible that the world could live without another extended review of The Godfather. If you don't have time for a full-blown analysis, or if it just seems unnecessary, consider starting a brief list of the media you think readers should check out. Just name a few of the movies, books magazines, or songs that have affected you.

The hard part was having to type that out versus copying and pasting it from someone else's blog. The easy part is that I decided to share some songs with you that make me feel some sort of emotion. I mean there are probably thousands of songs that I love but for now, this is what I came up with. Keep in mind that I have a huge range of music that I like and that some of these might surprise you! (That is if you take the time to listen of course.)

First up is Luciano Pavarotti and Celine Dion singing, "I Hate You, Then I Love You". I first heard this song when I took over a previous employees computer. She had this song on her player and I fell in love with it, the words and of course these great singers. I can't help but blast it and sing it out loud. How can you not? I like to play both Pavarotti AND Celine and I pretend that I'm singing it to someone important. lol. It really is a theatrical experience, you should let me do my performance for you one day:

Next up is the song that was originally done by the band U2. I love the original and have no problems with it, but the re-make of it makes me like it even more. Mostly because I can play two parts again. lol. It is the song "One" by Bono & Mary J. Blige. I can't help but sing to it if it's playing:

I love to dance salsa and I love salsa music. There is something about dancing salsa and listing to the music and just FEELING it with your partner that is oh so cool and happy feeling. My salsa boys back home and I have a favorite song. It is a classic in the salsa world and is probably over played, but I love it. We like to call it, "The National Anthem" (of salsa music that is). You will NEVER hear it being played around us, without us dancing or singing to it. Oscar De Leon sings it and it is called "Lorraras". Basically it is about Oscar being in love with a girl who is rude and wont give him the time of day. He warns her and tells her that one day she will pay for her bad behavior towards him. Llorraras translates to mean, "you will cry" and in essence the song is about payback, because later on, when she decides to like him, he can't be bothered with her. I like it. Payback is a bitch sometimes.

This one is more on the R&B and Hip Hop tip. It is generally the genre of music that I listen to the most. It is by Mario and it is called, "Let Me Love You". Really I am in love with the beat and the tune of it but the words are cool too. It's about a girl who is mistreated by her boyfriend. Another man who is the singer, is telling her that she deserves better and that all she has to do is let him love her to show her what better is. He professes his love to her and promises to never treat her badly. Sounds good to me!

Next up is what I'd like to call a "meditation song" although its real name is "Golden Lotus". It can be found in the Buddha Bar collection. Generally Buddha Bar is a collection of worldly sounds that is most often played in restaurants or lounges. I listened to this song almost every day when I had facial paralysis, trying to bring in positive vibes so that I could heal myself. It's not a dance song by any means but is certainly relaxing and takes you to other places.

And there you have it folks. Homework complete. I hope you listen to the songs and enjoy them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 2 - Part 2 of Latin American Blogger Meet-up

The Continuation Continues:

The truth of the matter is that I have a lot of pictures in this blog and sometimes it's just totally better to shut up for the most part and let the pictures do the talking. I for one find reading somewhat of a chore so if you are like me you will welcome the fact that this next blog is like looking at a picture book with a few words here and there that you are actually going to read and not skim through!

So. To continue the tour....isn't this a beautiful view and shit of "Wayne's Secret Spot"?

Next up was the Turtle Farm and let me tell you. The cool thing about Turtle Farm's is that they don't just grow turtles. There are all sorts of creatures wandering about.

Take for example, this cat that is eating a protein diet of FISH. That must be the reason it looks so healthy and pretty and like it might just bite my hand off if I get too close:

Also at the turtle farm are starfish and fish. Since you have seen a pic of the fish already (as seen above, although slightly chewed up), here is a pic of the starfish:

Bloggers going turtle for turtles:

I love these types of docks. They remind me of those commercials that I use to watch on t.v. and go ohhhhhhhh man if only I could live THERE:

Also at the turtle farm are seagulls:

And my favorite at the turtle farm, are bloggers Heather & Lisa. Notice how that person sitting on the doc is all trying to "pretend" she's a blogger. If only she was as cool as we are....:

Turtle Turtle Turtle!:

For Wayne with Love:

For Lisa...because sometimes you should be in the pictures you are taking:

This pic makes me wonder if what I'm seeing is really real. It is, I was there:

What is with the crooked shots!???:

I can only imagine how many other people have taken this exact same shot, all whilst I'm good. I should be a photographer and shit:

Must.....get....the perfect....shot:

Iguana go out with you:

Them Iguana's are them there popular in these necks of the woods. EVERYONE wants to take a picture of ems:

I'm not SHY. I just pretend to be on t.v. (or blogs or cameras):

Will you marry

Make a wish.....(if you want to marry me ^ there):

Traveling north back into town, we came across this grass roof house. I've heard that these types of roofs are not only eco-friendly but also very good for keeping your home either cool, or heated. I wonder if you can grow tomatoes up there?:

This is the famous Shell House that must be one of the most photographed sites on the island (after the ever famous Wayne and the Iguanas of course):

This next house intrigued me. It reminded me of those mushrooms back home that are round like the house. If you get them when they are dry, and stomp on em, they will blow up into a cloud of gray powder. It's pretty cool (if you're 8 years old but I still find it fascinating). Don't ask me why I did this or why a round mushroom house would remind me of this. But it did. Joyce understands. She has to. She's nuts too:

And of course the K-Mart Blue Light Special:

I'd like to know where the K-Mart is and more importantly, I want to know if I'll run into Rain Man there buying underwear.

Store front. Man I sure hope they sell beer. And nothing else:

I thought this outfit would look most pretty on Mimi:

And that my friends was the end of our fabulous golf cart tour. What fun it was! Next up was some needed SEAFOOD. Because you know, if I see food.....I eat it!

Chicago Tom and his lovely wife and world famous blogger Theresa and her electrically handy hubby joined us all for a wonderful lunch and discussion about our blogs.

Heather decided to give us homework (DUE TOMORROW shit shit shit!) so here she is preparing. She even made me work a little and tear up pieces of paper:

Also in attendance was Pelicano the Pelican (I am so creative!):

Everyone had a fabulous time and just needed to get some drink and food in em after being out in the hot sun all day. Here we are waiting:

God I love ceviche! (Beer not mine btw, I stole it to make the picture look "fancy"):

After lunch I was super desesperada to just dunk myself in the ocean. I was super hot and started to get really crabby. So Heather, Lisa, Kelly and myself headed to the beach for about an hour to cool off and have a beverage before Lisa & I headed back to Cancun.

Again, thanks Wayne for organizing things. I know you were pulling your hair out at certain points and getting annoyed with people like me and Lisa. But you know, that is what we are here for. We aim to piss off....and sometimes we achieve. JUST KIDDING. It was fab to finally meet you and I love your sense of humor.

And everyone else and I do mean EVERYONE including all the LURKERS out there, how awesome to meet you all. It's odd because, it was so easy to get along and I felt like I knew so many of you. To the readers, thanks for following along....continue to read everyone else's blogs because sadly the tour ended here for me.

Virtual hugs all around!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For Heather with LOVE

Day 2 - Part 1 of Latin American Blogger Meet-up

Saturday morning I met Lisa Love at the ferry dock and we headed on over to Isla. I don't quite get the live entertainment on the ferry....especially outside as it's a bit of a distraction from the beautiful blue sea:

But whateva!

We didn't exactly know where the golf cart place was but knew it was on Hidalgo and figured we would just look for the group of people with cameras, chatting away, waiting for our late selves to arrive.

This is not what we found!

No one was really to be seen. I did spot Theresa and her hubby walking away from what appeared to be the Golf Cart place and then I saw Heather walking towards us all sorts of pissed off. She was grumbling about how she had to go back to her room to wash the dog piss off her foot. LOL.

I couldn't help but laugh and as I type this I am still laughing. It's not funny because Diesel dog has peed on Lisa Love too and on some poor girls arm on the beach. Plus I'm certain I've been peed on or have had dogs attempt to pee on me. But I think the pup was trying to tell Heather something. Something like, "Huminah Huminah're mine now. Allz minez! I marked mai teritoriez nowz!".

Anyhoo. We were kinda mulling around for a bit because some people were hung over and others were just late. You know how it is. Mañana! Mañana! We were even waiting for the Golf cart dude who took off on his scooter and left us all hanging. Wayne loved that. Check him all "waiting" in the cool creative mirror shot that I took:

Apparently every other blogger took the same fricken cool creative mirror shot that I did but hey, at least we think alike right?

Here comes Heather....pee free down the street.

We are still waiting......and Lisa gabs to Heather. I'm sure it was a bar story but don't quote me on than. *Wink*

Finally my gal Miss Cancun Canuck Kelly arrived and since we are both Canucks at heart, I figured I'd sit with her. Yeah CANADIANS UNITE!:

As we were waiting for things to get rolling (literally) I noticed that our little blogger group had a nice collection of tats.

Here is Heather's now pee free awesome tat which was done in Playa del Carmen:

And of course Miss Cancun Canuck's tat to commemorate her move to Cancun:

The guys shall love this next pic (yeah cleavage!). The rose was done when Lisa was 18 and the cool part is that the fairy was done in some guys back yard in Costa Rica. Lisa = Hard Core Yo!:

Unfortunately I don't know the specifics of Taco Girl's tat but I will say that it's pretty freakin cool and an awesome addition to the Blogger Tattoo Girls:

Flat Stanley even arrived before some of the rest of the gang. Kelly thinks he's hot and decided to make out with him a bit to pass the time:

Finally everyone trickles on in (Mimi got a special ride on Wayne's scooter.....gee wonder why.....something about falling into a hole the night before...but that's just a rumor..) and we pay for the carts and hand off ID's.

In the front of this cart are the backs to Michelle and her hubster (cuz why do we have to take pics of the fronts always?) and Taco Boy who is obviously prepared for my pic and Taco Girl who isn't prepared (she rubs the lotion on its skin) but pulls it off pretty well:

And the Bloggers are OFF:

You'd think we could be all normal about it and just drive, but no. Camp songs we did sing and making fun of Heather's crappy driving. Ok ok. She wasn't driving crappy. But she was scared so we made fun of that part of it.

I took a bunch of pictures of the buildings we passed and the scenery but I don't want to bore you. Plus Blogger makes it difficult to post multiple photos. So here's a shot of the $2.5 mil house for sale. If we each pitch in a few buckeroonies we can all "share". We need to fix it up a little tho:

Break time. It is tiring riding around all day in a Golf cart next to the blue ocean in the blistering sun:

When it was time to go to the next point of interest, we almost got left behind. For about 3 minutes we watched as Heather kept stomping on the the break peddle freaking out that it wouldn't release and how Lisa was trying to push it down with her hand all sorts of confused and stressed! I kept saying "push it harder" (cuz you know, I'm a pervert that way) and just sort of tried to let the smart chicks in the front handle most of it. Then the little angel in the back speaks up. Cancun Canuck says in the calmest of calm voices, "Just press on the gas pedal to release the break". So this is what Heather does and of course the cart jolts to a start at which point I give Miss Canuck a tongue lashing about how evil she was to watch us stress out for several minutes before pointing out the "correct way" to do things. Me thinks that Canuck did this on purpose!

Next up we headed to Wayne's secret spot that he doesn't want anyone to know about it. But that went out the window when he took us there! I am sooooo gonna have a rave there this weekend! Woooo hooooooo! This is where I took the Bloggers group pic that I posted previously so I'm not going to post it again (I told you I gots some issues with loading the pics!).

I do want to say though that Heather can be pretty durned sexy and mermaid-like:


Finally Fireboy

I was finally able to upload the video of Fireboy to youtube last night. So either scroll down to watch it or CLICK HERE for the post it was originally suppose to go with!

I will attempt the uploading picture thing tonight....I must....finish....before my HOMEWORK on Friday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Angry With Blogger!

I've been trying to upload pics and between Telmex Prodigy sucking ass for the last month and Blogger denying my pics....I'm not sure how I'm going to finish this whole Blogger Blowout thing.

Pray for the Blogger Gods to fix it or I am going to have to throw something.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogger Meet-up Links

Just wanted to let everyone know that the links for all those that attended the Latin American Bloggers meeting are all located on my right margin now. So, in true lazy fashion when I refer to a blogger, I am not going to hyper-link to them every single time I mention them.

However if you want to go check them out....the links are there for you to visit ANYTIME you want.

See how kind I am?

So everyone (if I missed you let me know) who attended the meet-up are as follows and you can find their link on my "Blogs & Sites" list located to your right. Of course you won't see this if you're in a reader but don't be lazy like me and just go to my site to visit these wonderful people!

  • Canuck in Cancun

  • Blah Blah Blah Ginger

  • Chicago Tom

  • Heather in Paradise

  • Isla Mujeres: Gringo in Paradise

  • Life's a Beach

  • Living the Lisa Loca

  • River Girl

  • Taco Girl

  • What Do I Do All Day?

  • Oh! And a special shout-out to those LURKERS that showed up on Friday night. Show yourselves will ya!?

    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Day 1 of Latin American Blogger Meet-up

    Friday night Lisa Love Loca and I took the ferry out to Isla Mujeres for the first evening of the Latin American Blogger meet-up. We didn't exactly know where Fayne's was, but we located it quite easily. The orange and white balloons helped! Thanks Wayne! lol

    We seemed to be the cool show up late-comers (you gotta make an entrance if you know what I'm sayin!) and everyone was already mingling and chatting.

    I spotted a familiar face....River Girl (Kim) and her esposo and decided to start there. I worked my way over to Wayne and then met Chicago Tom who promptly informed me that he's been following my blog for the last 2 years at which point I thought, "Wow. Um, you must think I'm a total wackadoo nutsorolla chica entonces!". He was really cool about it and we discussed his fairly recent move to Cancun. Welcome Newbies!

    I then was super duper honoured to meet the lovely Heather in Paradise who I totally clicked with since she is who I thought she was and is who she appears to be in her blog. A super duper cool chica who's down to earth, intelligent, humorous, and has a huge heart. Poor girly had to rest her ankle a little...she's still a healin:

    I then got to meet Mimi and Theresa and Jonna and some significant others. Apparently tying your electrical cords in knots so that any surges of electricity are prevented isn't too far off from the truth.

    Wow that was random. Anyhow, we were catching up on eachother based on what we write about day to day and boy that Mimi was sure having a good time! lol.

    Soon it was time for a lovely dinner and I got to meet Life's a Beach and talk to her about raising kids in Mexico which was cool cuz you know.... my furry friends need all the help they can get.

    After dinner we were surprised with a performance by Fire Boy. He really is good and here's a vid to prove it:

    Soon it was late and since I wasn't staying on the island over night I decided it was time for me to head back on the 11pm ferry. The others stayed to continue the party and I went home to catch up on some much needed rest since the golf cart tour was the next adventure of the bloggers meet-up!

    Hot chicks: