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My stupid blurbs about anything and addition to the ups and downs of living in Cancun, Mexico.

Monday, July 31, 2006

"Que es, Screw YOU!?"

So I think I'm a little behind on this but who cares. Sometimes something thats suppose to be enjoyable can also be interpreted as work. Kind of like, taking a shower. For me, with my thick long hair, it can be a drama and a half....and it doesn't just end with the shower. Cuz it takes ten years for my hair to dry. Anyhow. Talk about getting side tracked.

So after I blogged my lame blog on Friday, a girl from across the hall at work came into our office to ask us if we spoke Spanish. After we all said yes, (my Spanish is seasonal, sometimes it works great and other times it doesn't) she asked, "Que es, Screw You!?". To which our response was, well who the hell said that to you!

It turned out it was a boy....doh! But her face!.... Her reaction when we explained to her what it meant was a typical "I am going to kill you with my evil looks" face. Cleary, this boy has no class. Apparently she didn't want to go out with him and he got all clusterfucked and ended up saying "screw you". Because you know, "screw you" is a seriously adult like technical response that I think all intelligent people use when they are frustrated.

I like saying "screw you" myself, but usually, I do it to friends as a joke. Because lets not kid ourselves, "screw you" sounds kinda funny. And "screw you" is not meant to convince someone that you want them to like you. Now if you really wanted them to take a hike, is "F*** YOU!" more appropriate? I thought so myself.

So anyways, the sauerkraut is gone. I guess its ok though. Its not like I ate a loaf of bread or a whole box of donuts. Hell, the next time there is more saurkraut in Sam's (that will probably be next year), I am going to buy me some more.

So what did I do this weekend? I took a nap for like two hours and really liked that. I went to the beach with the bf and Diesel. He loves the beach (Diesel) Ja! I also did a little salsa dancing which was fun cuz it's been a while. I've decided I only like to dance with certain people with certain styles and it really bothers me that people just make up new ways to dance salsa, when really, .... hello, you can't like change how you ride a bike. There is just a certain way it should be done.

Yesterday was Subway day. Love the subway. It was also stress me out and drive me all around town because of a stupid wireless keyboard and mouse all day. So in the end, I have to take them back. Because my computer is just too advanced for them. So that whole bundle of stress and waste of gas and dealing with a bunch of incompetent people was so much fun.

Off topic, but still on, but I missed putting it in where I should have, I also went to the gym! Yeah gym!

Ok so back at work today. Yeahhhh work. Yeahhhh stupid clients! Yeahhhh stupid brokers!

I didn't proofread this so basically, if there are errors, just deal with it. Just figure it out. I have faith in you.

Friday, July 28, 2006

It's Friday!

I felt guilty for not writing a blog today. Not sure why. Anyhoo. Your not going to get much.

It's Friday. I got my car tuned up, I have money in my purse and I don't have to go to work tomorrow. OR Sunday. So the shit is pretty good you know?

Laters! LOL.

Next time I won't bore you and I just won't blog! How about dem apples!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


So here's the deal. Some stuff is difficult if not impossible to get here in Mexico. If you find some sort of snacks in walmart that are imported, you better buy every single one on that shelf because they probably won't be getting in a shipment any time soon, or EVER again.

Then there are those crazy things you like but really can't explain why. They are those types of things that you tell your friends to bring you when they come visit. They make you happy. Do you NEED them? No. Of course not. Can you live without them? Well obviously or I wouldn't be living here. I just like them. They make me feel good.

So I'm chillin in Sam's and I come across ONE single jar of Sauerkraut! We almost always had sauerkraut in our fridge when I grew up. I'm not sure why but it was there. And I ate it and enjoyed it. I remembered going to the PNE as a kid and having those sausage dogs with sauerkraut on them in the food tent. Loved that.

There was no price on the jar. But guess what. I grabbed that jar and felt like hiding it under my portobello mushrooms. Sauerkraut is gold now.

I still don't know how much that saurkraut costs. All I know is that it tastes good and I'm glad I have it.

Now, if I'm not screwed in the head because of this....then I don't know what else to think.

PS The neighbour moved the car without me having to ask them to do this. So therefore. No picture! Sowy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I've decided that the only time I really feel the urge to blog is when I'm bored or when I want to bitch about something. Is that ok? I mean I don't want to sound like a bitter nasty person but the fact is, is that people often write to get shit off their chest. So I'm writing. To get shit off my chest.

You might find it rather humorous that I'm so annoyed but SERIOUSLY!

So you know that neighbour I was telling you about? The one with his car parked on the side of the building where no parking spot even actually exists?

Well, he moved his car. Yeah. He moved it. You think that he would be a little more polite about where the hell he moved it but no. You see, he parked it right up against the building so you can't go to the back to take your puppy to shit, nor can you access your gas tanks.

So lucky me. I have my 20 litre gas tank coming tomorrow morning and the damn gas tank people can't even get to the gas tanks to exchange my empty gas tank for a full one.

So you know what? Its like where do people get off? Where is the damn consideration?

I think its funny that he can be MR. GATE POLICE and that he tells the landlord that I leave the gate open (yeah so not. I orderd sushi and want the delivery guys to actually work for their tip and climb three flights of stairs so I left the gate open for two minutes) yet he can screw everyone out of access to their very much needed gas tanks.

Over and out. I think I should take a picture and show you what a jerk he really is. Let me try and do that tonight. But only after I tell him where to put his car!.....and its not a very comfortable space either.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Leftover Hangover

Ok so I think I have a left-over hangover from yesterday. This is possible yes?

I'm not so sure I like the all you can drink option at clubs here in Mexico. The drinks OFTEN taste like crud, never usually taste like your normal drink and you just KNOW they have tampered with either the alcohol or the ice. My boyfriend was telling me that they put *insert word which i cannot remember here* in the ice. Which is why its best to buy a bottle. But here is also where there are issues. Sometimes they make you pay some dumb cover, and then they make you pay 50 times more what the bottle costs at Walmart and then they make you pay extra for mixers and THEN you have to tip. I mean if i had a lot of money I guess I wouldn't give two craps. But right now I am working on being rich and it hasn't yet happened. So I guess I have to drink crap until then or stay home and be bored...or wait....maybe I should stay home and work on being rich?

Yeahhhh 1000 peso bills....bring em on! I need me some of those!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm hung over...

...and I'm not sure if it was even worth it.

That sucks.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Second Post....and in the same day!

It seems we are all blessed by the fact that I am posting twice in one day. How special is that?

Really, its not that special at all, but I've checked all that I can check, and I've browsed all that I feel like browsing. And here I sit at 11:01 PM on a Friday night kind of bored and unsure of what it is I should do. I know I'm tired but not feeling too sleepy and I don't feel like doing anything too serious. So lucky you. You are reading this when really its not exciting in the slightest.

I gave in and had McD's for dinner. Too lazy to do anything and frankly I screwed up the entire day by eating cheatos and good cheesy garlic bread so why not go down without a fight?

My puppy dog is not eating but don't worry, he is actively humping his conejo, teddy or doggy, whatever you want to call it. The vet says don't worry, he's horny and I suppose I needed to pay 355 pesos to find that out....when its CLEAR he loves humping his teddy.

My neighbour downstairs has this new girlfriend and they never do anything separately and frankly it makes me barf. What also makes me barf (but in a different sort of way), is the fact that he is Mr. Gate Police and constantly questioning me because I leave the gate open for like one minute while after letting the pup out to pee, I run upstairs to grab my purse and head out. Look buddy, your girlfriend is not exactly a ten (btw, neither are you) and you should move the extra car (thats YOURS) that's parked on the side of the apartment building because frankly, you are parked on those little trees that my puppy likes to pee on and its disrupting our lives.

So no kidding tho, I think this blog has digressed. Yeahhhh digression!

First Post Guey!

Ok I suppose I should start this somehow. Perhaps I should have some sort of GRAND entrance. Or perhaps I should just get into it. YEAHHHH INTO IT!!!

Ok, so me and my co-workers have bonded. We have inside jokes and stupid crap that we like to joke about .... shout about....sing about. We can be quite a preeverted bunch really and its all good cuz the job is stressful and we have to deal with a lot of really dumb mean people.

We had cheetos, donuts, cake and italian today. Now we all want to go home and pass out. YEAHH PASS OUT!

So you'd think that after eating all that crap and yummy bread that I'd be gettin my booty to the gym. But I'm not. It's friday and I've already been four times so keep your comments to yourself about how big my booty is. YEAHHH BOOTY (singing).

I just hope my car, which is parked diagonally on a corner, is still there, and not smashed up. The joys of living in Mexico....park whereeeever the heck you like. It won't get towed. You might have a license plate missin, but it only costs about 15 bucks to get it back from transito and frankly, since parking is mostly free here....its a deal and a half.

Over and out peeps.

I'm sayin!

PS. A shout out to that girl in my offices who's b-day it is. YEAHH BDAYYYYY we sang and you loved it!