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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Don't Forget! My B-Day is on the 17th!

Well now that I've given you enough notice to purchase me nice gifts (plural) for my birthday, I can get on with the haps.

I often think of good things to write on my blog when I don't have my computer in front of me. So when it comes time where I'm like, damn....I think I should write something, I'm usually at a loss for words.

So this blog is going to be all over the place just for you.

Firstly. I love the new Coca Zero. It is much better than Coca Light even though Coca Light is wayyyyyyy better than Diet Coke. I never use to drink any sort of pop (Yes POP. I'm from Canada so don't say to me, "Pop??? You mean SODA!") back home. Well I did when I was a kid but as I got older I just preferred water. I knew that pop was full of sugar and endless calories, diet pop tasted like crap and if you ask for a glass of water back home at a restaurant, IT'S FREE. Plus you can totally drink water from the tap and not get any sort of scary parasites or anything. Sure it tastes like pool water, but that just makes your insides cleaner and a little lighter looking (Michael Jackson drinks lots of pool water). So yeah. Try Coca Zero if you want to have coke but without the calories. It's a lot better than Coca Light and totally beats the shit out of Diet Coke. If you work for Coca Cola, please send me free Coca Zero because you didn't put me up to this. I did it all on my own.

I took Diesel to the beach on Sunday. He loves the beach. He will swim if I put him in the water but he doesn't exactly go running for it. I only put him in there cuz it cools him down and stops him from running around and peeing on other people's backpacks....just like he did. Proud moment I tell you. How's this for his pee obsession. Last night I took him out for a pee, he runs around and does his business and as we are going upstairs, he walks to the center of my neighbours door, lifts up his leg, and pees right on his door. WTF? If you know why he did this, please let me know. And come up with a better answer than "he's marking his territory" because please. The dog knows I have rules. And peeing in the hallway.....on other people's backpacks, other people's doors......NOT COOL.

So last night I went to see a psychic who is also a friend of a friend. She has said some pretty cool shit that was right on the money. Her thing is that she'll tell you something but she has no idea she's told you. It kind of pops in and out of her. Like a skitzo with different personalities. She said I could tape record but I didn't bring my nifty MP3 recorder with me and I was glad I didn't because she said that often times her voice doesn't show up. That gave me the heeby jeebies so I was glad I forgot it. Anyhow, she confirmed some things for me which are good and brought up some things that I thought were odd but still true never-the-less. I am still thinking on the reading and would like to see how it all pans out.

For those of you that read my blog know that I do tarot card readings from time to time for friends. Some people say I have some sort of gift but I'm not sure how to harness it really. I see weird shit and beat up ghosts. I'll tell people things that come true or get a really strong feeling about something and can't let go of it until I pass the info on.

For some it's fun and thats awesome if that's all it is. For others it's another dimension that they believe exists and they use it to help guide them just like some people read the bible, talk to friends or write on stupid things called Blogs.

Anyhoooo. I wanted to thank Bridie the psychic for my reading. She said more than one prayer for me at the end. In fact I think she said three. And in case you didn't know it already, I have a really special aura so get with it and buy me my birthday gifts dammit!

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