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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow That Could Have Been Yellow!

You need to go check out that Joyceee's blog if you haven't already. My guess is that you have already since most people click from her blog to my blog. There are pictures of snow and while she may hate it, I do miss it. Especially since I have fond memories of freezing myself to the back of a sled that is attached to a snowmobile that my brother is desperately trying to shake me off of.

I am and still remain the Undisputed Champion of the Snowmobile Drag. In fact, I can last for hours without seeing a damn thing, boogers and eyelashes frozen, snowpants half off with chunks of snow in my pockets and down my pants, frozen cheeks and icicle chunks stuck to my hair and the great need to pee. If and when I do get bumped or booted off, you know you are NEVER a champion until you see your gloves frozen to the ropes that have been dragged away with the sled, only to leave you glove-less and worse off than you already were.

Ahhh the days when it would take an hour to dress up to go out and by the time you were done you realized you had to pee.

Ahhh the days when I would come running in yelling "I have to pee!!! Mom come help quick!" so that she could assist me in disrobing so that I wouldn't pee not only my pants, but whatever else I had on....including my boots.

Thank god we had that cabin built cuz going in the outhouse in the winter surely sucked the big one. Who wants your ass frozen to the toilet seat in the outhouse.

Ohhhhh the nightmares......

So surely all you folk who do get snow can savor and appreciate it....just as much as I use to......


  • At 5:00 PM, January 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Reading this makes me even gladder (is that a word?) that I don't live where there is snow!! What you describe sounds like torture, not fun...but that could be because we didn't have a snowmobile!

  • At 5:01 PM, January 16, 2007, Blogger JJ said…

    Every time I step outside in this cold I suddenly have to pee so I would be a mess in a snow suit. But I can see little Elizabeth flying behind the snow mobile holding on for dear life with mocos all over her face...!


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