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Thursday, February 01, 2007


I couldn't think of a title so that's what you get. A "hi".

Diesel has recovered remarkably well. He took out two of the stitches himself and I just decided to remove the last one. He let me do it so there was no fuss about it all.

I was suppose to go back to the vet last Friday to let her take them out and have a look at him but since I (and Diesel) did it already it wasn't necessary. But really that wasn't the drama. The drama was that Plaza Las Americas had a fire (AGAIN). Unfortunately, two firefighters passed (RIP BOMBEROS) and as a result half of the mall remains closed. My vet happened to be the pet store that was below SEARS (poor Sears which just reopened after the damage from the hurricane - WILMA THE BIATCH) and I phoned her to make sure all was ok. She sounded really down on the phone. She was able to go in and get whatever pets were there, but had to leave the fish and whatever product behind. She said there was flooding and with the roof caving in, it was not a good situation. I felt bad because this mall has gone through two fires and Wilma. Almost seems as tho they should just rip it down and re-build.

I had a fun weekend mixed in with some stupid crap and frankly I'm really tired right I'm going to leave this blog the way it is. I just thought I should inform you all that diesel is good. He's got his one ball and all is well with him.

Hasta la Pasta!


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