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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crococun Zoo ~ Part 2

Ok I promised video so I have two for you!

I was so excited by all the action that I didn't do a very good and wasn't really thinking about getting good shots. I was all stressed out about holding a bag of food and a camera and trying to feed the animals at the same time and getting shots with me and my mom and the animal. Woah too much stress for one girl to handle I tell ya!

The first clip is our first encounter with the monkeys. They came down and wanted our naners (translation = bananas .... so get yer head out of the bukkit!) from us. If you know me, you'll hear the part where I really wanted to say, "Just give me a piece of the f'n banana!" but instead was more polite about it (mom and strangers around and all that). And then there's a part where I'm pissed that the monkey won't take my naner because.....well....just watch:

This next clip is me handing another monkey a peanut. I said "handing" but he had another way of getting it:

Sorry if the clips look distorted. I had to rotate them. Again, in all the excitement I got all kerlfuzzed about everything and goofed. Sorry!



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