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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Can Has A Blog!!!!!!!1!

O Hai!

I can speak cheezburger. How bout uz? Can uz speaks it tooz?

We can has a parties with imaginaries lolcats!

I iz adikted to cheezburger fun and you can be same. Race is not a ishoo.

Speakin Ingrish? U doin it wrong! U has a FAIL!

Get in ma bukkit sayz da walrus.

Da kitteh sayz hi FUD!

Bunneh sayz get snorglz.

I has a imaginary dance partner. Uz can pretendz tooz!

Iz 1 cheezburger that make a big lafs:

Humorous Pictures

Welcomez to my worldz of funz. I likes xcape into cheezburger kitteh, puppeh, failz for funz.

Welcomez to da darks sideZ! Joinz wif mees peez:

Sidenoatz in Ingrish: When beckla sent me the cheezburger website for the first time I got all frustrated and confused and was like, who is this idiot that started this ESL website? They no speaking the English too good! But I has'd a bad! LOL! Sowy! No oh fence! Now I get itz!

Opps. Thatz cheezburgerz speakings! LOLcats/dogs/failz! How make me stopz speak burger w/ cheez?

OH NOooooooOOOOs! Ma soulz!



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