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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When Love Calls, You Better Answer ~Bertice Berry

So as you may know....I don't like to read much. But I had mentioned that I read a book that was passed on to me by my friend Rhi. I finished it in two weekends and was quite proud of myself. The book I read is in the title. Quite fitting for Valentines Day I guess. Although, generally, I'm not so into Valentines Day. I'm generally stressed by it since so much is expected of it.

Anyhow, I had marked off various pages in the book because there were quotes that I liked. I need to put them down somewhere as I'm passing the book on. What better place to put them but here? Here we go:

-God don't give somebody else the key and the deed to your house of well-being. It's YOUR house and you can come and go as you please.

-When other people tell you that they got something you need for your life, but only they can tell you how to get it and whether or not you truly have it, you better run in the other direction. Them people don't mean to do nothing but rule over you.

-Folks always confusing ignorance with being stupid. Ignorance is when you don't know; stupidity is when you don't want to.

-Men who do dirt with women don't like to be exposed to clean-living men.

-Don't you know the mind can be a trickster. It will cover up what you don't want to see just 'cause you don't want to see it. The minute you turn your head even a little toward the truth, bingo! You are faced with a bunch of should'ves and would'ves.

-The light of truth came on and she could see.

-The enemy's real weapon is in making us blame ourselves for someone else's guilt.

-You can't live for nobody and can't nobody live for you.

-You got to take inventory from time to time. Gback over your life and look at the people who you think done you wrong. Forgive them and then forgive yourself.

-Ain't no harm in going in the wrong door. It's when you move in that sets life a mess.

-When somebody treat you bad and then walk out on you, you feel more inclined yo try to win them back. Even when you know things ain't right, you still think you got something to prove. If you in something that's real bad, find the strength to leave. That way, when it's your choice, you can still be in control.

-Don't ever get comfortable with time; you always have less of it than you think.

Ok so after typing that all out I am thinking that maybe it might be construed as a bit depressing but frankly I found the words empowering.

There is one little quote that was in the book on the very last page. It was hand written very close to spine and was in a place where it was kind of hard to see.

It read:

-Because sometimes books find you.

Thanks Rhi.

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