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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Three Days in One!

Last Saturday was Leta's birthday so we decided to go to Playa del Carmen for the day and spend the night there. We stayed at the Blue Parrot suites which are very nice and we never have anything to complain about when we stay there. It helps that we got to stay for free because Leta knows the owners!

Our plan was to spend theday taking in some sun. "Mexico or Bust" just happened to be in town and I figured, heck, lets meet and hang out too! So that is what we did. We had a fun day at the beach gabbing and bitching and laughing. Here are a couple of shots of our day:

Have you seen so many hot chicas on the beach together or what????
When the sun started to go down, Leta and I went back to the room and chilled out a bit. We got ready for our night out and as we were, Donna called and said she and Craig would like to meet us for din din and some drinks. Works for me!!!
Here are Leta and moi before we head out for dinner:
We went to dinner at Playasia which was totally fab! We had a table that seemed to be up in the trees. The food was awesome, the service was great and the conversation was lots of fun. I love watching the dynamics between Donna & Craig. It's interesting to see people together that are in love and have known eachother for that long. Mostly it's just funny how much shit Donna gives Craig. HAHA. My type of man. He listens, he gives her the best and he does what she says! Yay Donna! Now FIND ME ONE!
After din din we went back to the hotel (isn't that a rap song?) and had some drinks and chilled out a bit. We decided that it would be good if Donna & Craig could see the fire show so we headed to The Blue Parrot bar and got a table right by the fire show. They no longer do it close to the palapa. I always wondered "what if" they torched the palapa and it went down. Well it has happened and now they've decided to be more careful and move the show out onto the beach.
Donna and craig really liked the show and after that they decided it was best to start driving back to Tulum. Leta and I tried to stick it out and party but we just weren't feeling it much so we called it an early night!
Here's a video clip of the fire dancers so you can get an idea of what they do (that is if you haven't seen it already):

We wanted to spend the next day on the beach but the weather was kind of iffy. We hit "bucks" (Starbucks), packed our stuff and headed back.
Was nice to get away but I have to say....there really is no place like home. Especially when you have 3 little furry (ok two, diesel has no fur) critters at the door just waiting to be around you.


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