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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yin & Yang

Yáng (陽 or 阳 "sunny place, south slope, north bank (river), sunshine"; Japanese: yō; Korean: 양, Vietnamese: dương) is the bright element: it is active, light, masculine, upward-seeking and corresponds to the daytime.
Last Thursday when I was walking back to my car to take a much needed lunch break I noticed something in the middle of the road.

I make it a habit to look down when I walk because there are just too many random holes in the ground and I don't want to pull a "Baby Jessica", nor do I want to plant my face in the cement.

So here I am, doing my usual scan of the ground when I see something. I look closer and without stopping I realize it's a 500 peso bill! I reach down gracefully and barely stop as I quickly swoop it up into the palm of my hand and make a fist.

There's no one really around, and no one looks distraught so I figure, finders keepers and high tail it to my car.

I'm super happy with my find and figure I deserve it so I make a phonecall to share my news and then go home and enjoy my lunch.

Yīn (陰 or 阴 "shady place, north slope, south bank (river); cloudy, overcast"; Japanese: in or on; Korean: 음, Vietnamese: âm) is the dark element: it is passive, dark, feminine, downward-seeking, and corresponds to the night.
The next day is Friday and as per every Friday after work , I walk back to my car, get in and drive to wherever I'm going. It's pretty standard. Nothing special about it.

Except this Friday is different. As I'm walking back to my car which is parked in a fairly active yet dark street, I notice something is not right with my car.

The front passenger side window is smashed. There is a small hole and the rest of the glass is shattered but held together by the tinting tape. (Praise the lord for printing tape because there was a lot less glass to clean up inside the car.)There was nothing stolen (nothing to steal really besides the car sine I had the faceplate with me) and the door was locked as it should be.

It looked like someone smashed and ran. Whether it was an accident or not I don't know but my gut tells me it was not directed at me and that I was not a target so to say. My car was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now I had to pay for it....

So the next day I took the car into the window place, paid my 645 pesos and in less than an hour later my car window was replaced and I was on my way like nothing had happened. This is one of the things I love about Mexico. Certain things cost very little and are done very quickly. I LOVE THAT about living here.

Technically it only cost me 145 pesos to fix since I found 500 pesos the day before, so I didn't fuss about it too much.
It looks like Yin & Yang were doing their job and when things like that happen you kind of have to wonder about the weird voodoo that goes on in this world!



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