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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Questions & Answers (or at least half assed ones)

1) Why do people seriously suck at driving and do things on purpose to not only endager lives, but piss me off?

-Good question. My guess is that they don't have the same sort of rules and regulations here as they do back home my dear Elizabeth. But also, I think another problem lies where no one is enforcing it. I mean it's not ok to turn left from a right hand lane, or a far right hand lane, but yet, people do it all the time and get away with it. It's also not ok, when someone is trying to turn right, that they don't pull into the next lane and get out of the way to make the right, but that they stay in the lane they are in, refuse to signal, and then out of the blue shift down to slow down (no break lights here folks...just shifting down) and then make a wide right hand turn. Going through red lights is also acceptable as is speeding up to hit you because being a jerkoff is much better. So you see, the answer could be a lot clearer, but in the end it's just not.

2) Why do I love my animals so much?

-Good question. Because they are not people and are always there for you, even if they puke in your bed, ruin your ratton hamper by scratching their nails on it or pee on Lisa's leg. They never judge you, always love you and run to the door to give you hugs and kisses.

3) Why do people suck?

-Good question. Because they do worse things than puke in your bed, ruin your hamper with their nails or pee on Lisa's leg. They also don't know how to drive and do things like throw you under the bus because a) they are stupid or b) they are selfish bastards.

4) Why do I like food so much?

-Cuz it tastes good. And feels good in my belly. Get in my belly.

5) Why do client's suck?

-Good question. Because they didn't read their contract and are pissed off at themselves for being so stupid.

6) Do you love me?

-Good question. Not today. But maybe tomorrow. Depends on how close you come to being my pet.

7) Is Joycee happy she's back?


8) Does Becky need to sleep more?


9) What's the opposite of no?


10) Are you getting smarter every day?

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