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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm Stealing Your Moth Picture

My friend Rhi just happens to enjoy taking pictures of crazy bugs, insects and other just like me! She sent me an email a while ago with pictures of the coolest moth. She said that at first she thought it was a dried up leaf, but on close inspection, realized that it was in fact a moth.

This one is small, but there are some that can grow to be about as big as your head. I've seen one resting on my mosquito screen one night. We can thank the lord that I have mosquito screens because lord knows I would have had issues with it flying around my apartment. I'm sure the pets would have had some fun though!

That reminds me of a story Adam Sandler (love him cuz he's so funny) told while he was on The Late Show. He took a vacation with his family to Mexico and after arriving to his room discovered that there was a bat in his room. He freaked out pretty bad and was too afraid to deal with it himself so he called the front desk and they sent someone up to remove it. The employee caught the bat in his hands and cuffed it so that it wouldn't escape. The employee was super insistant that Adam Sandler take a look at his bat. Adam Sandler kept saying that he didn't need to see it and that it was ok, that he could just remove it....mostly out of fear. But no, the employee still insistant and now laughing finally convinced Adam Sandler to look at his bat, which of course was no bat, but a giant moth or butterfly. The employee poked fun at Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler rightfully felt like a big dork because of it. Long story short, Adam Sandler should not feel like a big dork, because I have confused bats, with birds, and cockroaches with birds, and moths with bats and vice versa myself. You just can never tell here.

Back to the original's the moth:

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  • At 6:03 PM, April 11, 2007, Anonymous Bell Sister said…

    Oh that Adam Sandler sure is cute even if he's scared of bats- teehee...


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