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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary???

Friday the 13th was my 4 year anniversary in Cancun. Since it was the 13th and all I just happen to remember it. I'm not one for remembering dates so I guess the fact that I remember it means something.

I suppose I should be excited and proud as some people can barely last a week once they've decided to move here. For some reason it doesn't feel all that exciting to me. While it has been challenging at times and certainly not easy, I'm not so certain I can blame that on the place itself.

There are many times where I have wanted to leave. I can't say that today is one of those days where I'm certain I should remain.

Many people come to make money, to escape something back home, to fall in love, to fall out of love, to try something new, to be by the beach, to be warm the entire year round and never have to see another snow flake ever again. Many people come and don't care if they are dirt poor, just as long as they can be in the place that they think is the answer to everything, that they think is a place of true happiness.

But what happens when you do want to see snow again? Or hear the silence of a snowflake dropping? What happens when you need to see the indescribable blue colours of that beautiful ocean. What happens when you want to hear the waves crawling up onto the sand that you love to sink your toes in. What happens if your therapy becomes a nightclub because it is your only chance to escape without losing it all? What happens the next day when you are hung over, have a cat for a tongue and feel too horrible to even sleep it off.

I am fortunate enough to say I have met true friends here. I am fortunate to say that I have enough money to go out to a nice dinner if I feel like it. I am fortunate enough to have a nice apartment and car to drive around in. I am fortunate to have enough water, electricity and a pretty much bug free household most times during the year. (Excluding hurricane times of course when water was scarce, electricity non-existant and bugs were a welcome because they made it, just like you did.)

I am also fortunate to have a home back home where I come from. Good friends and family who could finally breathe a sigh of relief if I were to return. Because don't you know, "I am making a huge mistake by living here!".

In the end I have been very lucky, very blessed and very certain that I am rich in many many ways. In ways that a lot of people will just never know. Or in ways that many people are jealous of.

So congrats to me. We'll see where I am this time next year.


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