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Monday, June 25, 2007

Almost there.....

The a/c is in and it works wonderfully.

The furniture was move moved on Friday night and the dudes came 15 minutes early and literally had all my big stuff out in like 20 minutes. They stunk really bad but they did a good job. They brought me my bed and thats what's important.

After the furniture was moved it it appears that all the animals are feeling a lot more at home. There was nothing like waking up on Saturday morning with all three cutie pies surrounding me in bed.

The consensus is that Becky can deal with Diablo, and even Diesel, but Moco is a bit of a handful. I knew that since the first day I rescued her. She managed to dodge two different cars and when we got a hold of her, she had spray paint all over her body. You would think she'd hate humans, but thats not the case at all. Apparently, she is also a dolly lover too. She managed to steal a nice Mexican doll from Becky's room (kind of off limits since she misbehaves when she's in there and does everything that Becky doesn't want her to do) and take off her skirt. If that's not entertainment.....I don't know what is.

There are some things that still need to be hung, like mirrors and shelves and our boiler is not connected to the gas tank yet which we really couldn't give two shits about right now since it's so hot out. But "the hombres de la casa" can figure that one out. Connecting a gas tank....not so difficult.

We still have no internet and t.v. I'm not like a t.v. addict, but I like to have the t.v. on for noise while I'm doing shit like painting my toenails, or cleaning my room or a sewing a shirt or putting on my makeup. Stuff like that. It's a little more difficult to do that when you rent a DVD. I mean the purpose of spending all that money to rent a DVD is to actually sit down and do nothing other than watch that DVD.

What else? I've been attacked by mosquitos and they all seem to LOVE my ankles and feet. It really is not much fun and I have taken chunks of skin out and will be left with plenty of scars because of it. This has been a problem for me since childhood. The mosquitos apparently like me more than anyone else and I seem to itch more than the average person. I took some Benadryl Saturday night which stopped the whole itching problem. But unfortunately, it pretty much put me to sleep. Which I guess is good but I don't like being half asleep and feeling like someone gave me some drugs. Oh wait. I gave me some drugs. DOH!

As for men, you're all still on my shitlist.

Send some roses or buy me a car or something and maybe I'll overlook it....

....for an hour.

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