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Monday, June 18, 2007

Things Coming Together?

Ok so the update on things is that we got the keys to the apartment and did the whole deposit and first months rent thing. The landlady gave me a contract but she's got to go to the notary with it. She was going away over the weekend so it was a bit of a rush job and she turned the apartment over to me all dirty and bleck with construction dust everywhere. That's like harder to clean than my apartment if I left it dirty for a couple of months.

The bestest news is that we can all have sex now because I do have a comprobante de domicilio.

Also good news is that Becky is moved in, and the other good news is that it looks like we might be able to get telmex into our building. The guy downstairs and to the side of the building has a connection. He said he had to pay for some guys to run the wire farther for him and he may be willing to share his wireless internet with us if all else fails.

As for t.v. we are still trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Bottom line, we can't get cablemas and Sky sucks crapola. So we will see about getting Direct TV or Dish or something.

As for my moving adventures.....I'm kind of in both places at one time. My lovely neighbour from my downstairs old place decided to park his car right in front of the gate while he went on vacation for who knows how long. As a result, I cannot move anything big. I've been making trips back and forth and frankly I'm pissed off at myself for having so much stuff. I honestly thought I didn't have a lot of crap but I guess I do. I don't like the feeling of owning lots of stuff. It makes me feel like I'm "stuck". I don't like to feel that way. Ever since I've moved here I've felt like I'm sort of floating in existence and that this may never be my permanent place of residence so I TRY not to be a pack-rat but it appears I sort of am one.

I threw out 3 pairs of I guess I'm getting somewhere.....

(Note to Mom: Do not post that pic of me and my collection of shoes. It will make my throwing out 3 pairs seem like I didn't get a lot done.)


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