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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I haven't posted a lot lately because as I've noted before there was a lot of stuff going on. Well now there's even more stuff and it has gotton a lot more complicated and stressful and frankly I figure why bore you or upset you or have you read depressing stuff.

But I thought, since a huge part of the stuff that's stressful relates to living in Mexico, I would post.

It looks like I'm moving. The sooner the better really. I will be moving in with my friend Beckla because we both encountered two bad situations at the same time and decided to consolidate our problems. Isn't that fun?

We found a new place and kind of jumped on it cuz we sort of had to. It's really new, like new before new like not all the fixtures and sinks are in place or the towel holders or the kitchen counter and such. It's a two bedroom two bath so it's perfect for sharing. Did I say it's new? I like new, I don't like living in 10 years of other people's grime. I haven't had to for quite a while and I like it that way. I love love love my current apartment but unfortunately due to stupid people, it looks like I have to move to have a little peace in my life.

Anyhow. The issues that we are dealing with right now have to do with the fact that we have told the owners that we want the place, but I don't have a contract. I have put money in to have them rip out that stupid ugly cement sink in the laundry room thats sticks out of nowhere and is totally in the way, and a little extra so that I could get the kitchen counter built the way I want. I had to purchase the extra material it was going to cost a whole $35.00!!! I just don't get why people don't think things out properly. It's a beautiful apartment, so why do things cheaply? (ok besides not having the money) Put it on your credit card though, do it right.

The other thing is we don't have a comprobante de domicillio (an electric or water bill) that is ALWAYS necessary to do ANYTHING in Mexico. I mean if you want to have sex you have to have one. So it's basically impossible to sign up to get Sky Satellite TV (cuz they don't have pinche CableMENOS in the new new new newer than new area) until we have that, and it's also impossible to get Telmex all connected. But I just found out that Telmex isn't out there either so life just gets better and better.

Did I mention I got a ticket on Saturday for talking on my cell phone while driving. Yep. I guess I'm ok with the ticket. What I'm not so ok with is having to go fricken waste my time to stand in line and pay for the damn thing.

In addition Diesel has had some issues with an abscessed anal gland and two teeth being pulled and the rest being cleaned. Due to the antibiotics and change in living arrangements he's not only pooping all screwy but he's turned into one of those nasty viscious chihuahua's you just love to hate. He's really not like that but due to the circumstances he's gotten super protective and anytime he sees anyone, all hell breaks loose.

Oy vey. Pray for me. I think I need it.


  • At 9:25 AM, June 15, 2007, Blogger JJ said…

    Well I just figured out why I haven't had sex in a while.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Nobody likes an over-poopy dog, even on the best of days. Did I tell you a tourist farted into the dj booth last night and then tried to blame it on Janet? Are all of these struggles really worth it??

  • At 5:36 PM, June 15, 2007, Blogger Mexico Way said…

    Wrong time to ask me that question. But I'd like to go and fart in the DJ booth. I'll even except the blame. It would be the least of my problems!


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