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Monday, November 13, 2006


When it comes to family andf friends back home coming to visit me, unfortunately I haven't been as lucky as I would like. So far my mom is the only one who's come here specifically to see me and I'd bet that the reason hasn't always been 100% for me but I'll let it slide because she brings me things. (You are suppose to laugh now!)

While I have a couple of friends who are in the area right now, and I'm not the reason they are down here, I did get a chance to see them this weekend and it was certainly super nice to see them.

I went to Playa del Carmen to meet my good friend Mary-Anne and her new husband Kaleb. I've known Mana (that's what we call her) since grade 8. All the guys thought she was hot but I just liked her cuz she was funny, I had a lot of classes with her, and she lived up the street from me. That of course has obviously changed and good old Mana is a true friend and very close to my heart. Who would have thought that walking to and from school every day and telling eachother "you stink" and making up our own song "rump roast beef jerkey" would form a relationship that has lasted this long. If any one knows me, its Mana thats for sure. Along with Donna and Katarina. I posted a while ago about it being hard living in a new place because people don't really know who you REALLY are and it was nice to have shithead Mana around to remind me.

Anyhow, we chilled on the beach with her new hubby and while they stressed out the entire time about burning, sunscreen and getting way too much sun I kept thinking, damn, the sun is not hot at all and I'm surely not going to get any sort of tan today.

When they couldn't take the "roasting" anymore we decided to go for a walk along 5th Avenue and did a bit of shopping.

It was really nice to see her here versus seeing eachother back home. It was kind of odd in away but totally awesome.

In the same day I also got lucky because my good friend Kat's husband Wes was here with his buddy Cori as well so I met up with him at Corona Bar where we headed over to the City and proceeded to enjoy the party.

I was there for Katarina's wedding and also the delivery of their first baby Jordan. Mana was there too. Her and I were the team players in that delivery. Wes kind of stood on the sidelines and wanted her to hurry up and have the baby. LOL. Mana and I slept together on the floor like refugees and held Kat's legs.

Anyhow, that Wes and his 3 other buddies and I enjoyed ourselves at the City. Wes was a perfect gentleman and sat with me the entire time while we laughed at other people and caught confetti on our tongues.

I however, am more of a heavy weight than the other boys and by 2:30 am they had had enough (I can go on until about 5am) and while I was disappointed in them, I didn't feel like carrying them back to the hotel either. So we split.

I quickly realized what it's like to be a tourist when they wanted to grab a stationed cab in front of the club and I had to quickly remind them that they surely did not want to pay more than they had to.

I negotiated the fare for them and sent them off in their cab.

Again, it was super super awesome to see Mana and Wes and if I'm lucky I'll get to see them once again before they go.

Had I known I would run out of my sugarless koolaid yesterday, I would have made them bring me some down!


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