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Monday, October 23, 2006

Wilma Photos

This is my apartment. I'm on the top floor and that was the tree that fell on my car:
The Ford dealership. The Chevy dealership, just next door seemed unscathed:
Girbled mess:

This is the MacGyver street phone I called my mom on: wonder we had no power!

Explain to me how a cement electrical pole can just snap in half?

This was my desk. Windows blew out and even ripped the metal framing off:

This was the office next to mine. The wall between my office and this office got ripped out, including the doors and door frames.....and shit I didn't even know was part of our office got ripped out in the process:My desk out, but printer in tact and I still have it and it works to this day!

I really didn't take a lot of pictures....wasn't the first thing on my mind if you can imagine!


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