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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My hair grows fast

You know, I was wondering how come when I write a shitload of stuff none of you people comment. But low and behold I write a few words and POOF 4 comments. You'd think that mentioning the weather would be an old topic but it appears it is not. We continue to talk about the weather, complain about the weather, ask about the weather, use the weather as an excuse to buy new shoes or clothes.

I said "YOU PEOPLE" and I bolded it. Because you know what? I hate it when people say that. Who the hell is YOU PEOPLE anyways? And what about when people say "they said that....blah blah blah", or "they told me that I would get my money!". I mean who the hell is THEY. How about, "I heard that grass tastes good". Oh yeah? Where did you hear that from? Oh I don't know. Some very important magazine. Oh really? What "important" magazine? WAS IT The Weekly World News? (Thanks lisa).

Ok that was fun.

So on September 13th, of 2006, we were talking about how long my hair is and we got the great idea of measuring it. On that date, the longest section of hair measured from the tip to my head was are you ready, drum roll please........

-20 inches

Today, on November the 8th, I got that Beckla to measure my hair again. And it grew to ....

-21 inches!

So in pretty much two months my hair grew one inch. Pretty cool. Because I figured it wasn't going anywhere.

As for the weather, since it is obviously more important than Mexican Hot it is sunny and lovely out!


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