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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Yep. Thats me. Missing In Action.

Well, at least in terms of the whole blogging situation. I mean I've been around....busy with a few things.

Like, for example, I've been busy and without ganas (motivation....although "ganas" means more than just that....look it up, what do I look like? GOOGLE?) to write a damn thing.

And I've been busy catching up with a few personas at La Tab drinking way too much (yeah I know I quit, but like...not really) and enhaling wayyy too much second hand smoke. QUIT SMOKING PLEASE YOU SMOKERS OUT THERE! It's obnoxious and kills.

And I've been catching up with miss Trauma: The Drama herself and good friends Marita and Dave. They are staying on the Island and so that is where I went both Sabado and Domingo (Don't kill me Mr. Isla Wayne GOD for visiting and not meeting you as well. I am like that...bitchy and snotty and stuff. Ha not really....except sometimes. Really I'm a friend hog and you weren't allowed to have any of them so there!!).

If you all want to kick my ass for totally forgetting my camera and not taking ANY can do that. Or you can wait until Marita and Dave get home and what I'll do is get her to send me some pics that she took. The best is of Dave cleaning up the destruction of the empty (I did not drink but two drops I swear....they made me) Jagermeister bottle. It went flying off the balcony and the best part was that the woman downstairs came out and said, "Wow! You guys are dangerous!". And then she said in between her drunken slurrrrs, "Well don't worry cuz we drove a golf cart over a cliff!". Right on then. That works. WTF???

So yeah. Thats the haps. OH! And we had no freakin internet today at work. ALL day. So whats the point of going to work? Um. Not so sure!

Here's a pic of Miss Diablo Lunita (just cuz wtf is this blog about really? Not much so why not throw in a cat pic):


  • At 5:18 AM, February 06, 2008, Blogger Fned said…

    Sounds like you had a great few days... and serious? nobody can hold it against you for going MIA on us. It sounds like you're having a blast...

    .... oh, and I am the queen of forgetting her camera at home (or to charge the battery before walking out the door) so no biggie...

    And just so you know, the pic on your previous post has kept us pretty well "fed" these past few days (it's always hilarious to have that butt pop up on our screen when your blog appears)....



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